Date: 22nd July 2008 at 2:13pm
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There seems to be some confusion on the situation surrounding the possible appointment of an assistant manager at Tynecastle.

Several newspaper reports have been strongly linking Uganda under-20 coach Jackson Mayanja (now there’s a name!) with the club, but despite giving indications that he expected to bring an assistant with him when first appointed as new Hearts manager, Csaba Laszlo now appears to be changing his tune slightly on the subject. He said:

‘We have coaching staff here and we’re working with that coaching staff. We don’t want to change at the moment’.

Does anybody else think that this sudden change of mind has something to do a man that Laszlo allegedly hadn’t met when he signed on the dotted line a fortnight ago? Hmm….


7 Replies to “Are Hearts Getting An Assistant Manager Or Not?”

  • It’s a strange one & no mistake. One can only assume that Vlad has told Laszlo that he has to work with the coaching staff already in place & he’s not bringing anyone else in at the moment. Vlad’s experience of “assistant” coaches in recent years hasn’t been great – so you could maybe understand that point of view. Just hope he is more open to the suggestion of new playing staff.

  • Maybe. Another possibility is that the new Portugese boss of Kaunas could be earmarked to become Laszlo’s assistant once Kaunas’ Champions League excursion is over…

  • I was thinking that SJ, but from the start Csaba has been saying the coaching staff that was in place was up to scratch based on what he had seen so far. So maybe he feels there’s assistant material in one of the coaches….or the Portuguese guy is another option. It’s a bit of a sideways step, but not one that would worry me into thinking that OH GOD HE’S AT IT AGAIN ALREADY…

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