Date: 18th April 2008 at 10:38am
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There have been various reports over the past couple of days linking Hearts with summer moves for certain players again, and you can’t help but wonder where they originate from.

How on earth can Hearts be in a position to sign anyone given their current predicament? The alleged hunt for a manager STILL appears to be no further forward, but at the same time we are then told that Stevie Frail has been asked to submit a list of 20 ‘big name’ signings that he thinks would put us back among the big boys? Why oh why would he be asked to do that if he wasn’t going to be the new manager I wonder? You’d have to think then, that either Frail IS going to be the new manager, or either that or this story is yet another load of garbage being made up by the Press, one to rival the ‘Billy Brown for Hearts boss’ one a few weeks ago.

Very strange though isn’t it? Now we’re getting the news that Hearts are allegedly sniffing around Gretna’s freed striker Mickael Buscher with a view to signing him in the summer, and at the same time Frail is telling us that new goalkeeper is the team’s priority. Again, if any of this is true then who is actually calling the shots here? If it is Frail and his team and they really aren’t going to be the long term solution at Tynecastle, then why would they be given any remit whatsoever when it comes to this? Or is it simply our owner picking a few more names out of a hat?

Once again in relation to Hearts there are many, many more questions than answers at the moment, and does anyone seriously believe that this is likely to change anytime soon? Hmm….


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  • There is a saying that you have to pi ss with the c**ks you have, so whether Frail is the “new” manager or not, nobody else is in place yet & the restructuring has to begin now. Irrespective of a new manager, Anatoli Korobochka is still the man to negotiate contracts with players in his capacity as “sporting director”, so whether it’s Frail, Romanov, or Specs Haver who draws up the wishlist it needs to progress sooner rather than later. Let’s hope they don’t use the same criteria for identifying players as they do for evaluating Dancing Queen Elliot’s progress…

  • I completely disagree – if the intention is to get a new management team, then HE must be the man facilitating such a project. If not then he’s effectively being undermined before he even starts. So either we do what Rangers did when they poached Walter Smith from Scotland and ask him to secretly suggest names, or we wait until the right men are appointed. Anything else would be a mistake…….in my opinion.

  • I understand that, but again it brings me back to my first sentence above. Whether the intention is to get a new management team or not, we don’t currently have one. We do however have a playing squad that is filled with sub-standard players… players which have been signed under various regimes. They need cleared out and replaced with *better* players. Surely the primary role of the sporting director is to negotiate player sales, purchases and contracts? If so, there’s no indication that this will change under a new ‘head coach’, and with Euro 2008 just around the corner players looking for a move are making their plans *now*. You can blame Romanov for not appointing a manager sooner, but nevertheless we are where we are and whoeever ends up being in charge of the first team the current squad is not good enough and needs to be restructured. The time to put the wheels in motion for that is NOW, otherwise we’ll have no chance of getting in good players in the summer.

  • There is another possibility which has been mentioned before… that being the new man is working “incognito”, and it is in fact he and not Frail who has submitted the list of names.

  • Well if that was the case SJ, then that’s ok – it’s like the situation I mentioned with Smith, but it doesn’t sound as though that is the case. I agree that ‘wheels should be put in motion’, but there’s only so far along the track they should be allowed to run. Gawd I’m starting to sound like a project manager!

  • Well, having read some of Rodney’s comments at the AGM regarding a new manager, I’m starting to lose a bit of hope here… looks like Frail is the man 🙁

  • I am flattered that SJ has handed me the task of drawing up the wishlist of players. I have now submitted it to Vladimir by email – citing Rooney, Ronaldo, Drogba, Fabregas, Torres and Woolcott among others – so lets see if we get any action on them in the summer.

    Seriously though, I can think of 4 possible explanations for this wishlist story. One – Its fabricated by the Press based on a rumour or throwaway remark. Two – Its a deliberate leak from Hearts to excite/appease the fans ahead of ST sales, and thw substance of it doesn’t amount to much. Three – Vladimir wants to see who a Scottish coach would nominate (which might indicate that he is at least willing to CONSIDER a more appropriate football plan …. well …. emmmm… ok maybe not). Four – Plan A=Plan B=Plan C=Stevie Frail in the manager recruitment process.

  • I think the explanation with regards to ST sales is probably closest to the mark……or just more scheidt in the press.

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