Date: 10th May 2008 at 11:21am
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Hearts goalkeeper Steve Banks has partly blamed the club’s poor season on certain team-mates not giving it everything they had.

Banks, one of the few players to come out of this season with anything resembling some credit, is clearly one of many who has been frustrated with the mess of a first-team set-up that seems to exist at Tynecastle.

To be fair to those he is criticising though (names were not mentioned but I’m sure we can guess who he’s talking about), the lack of leadership and direction at the club would be enough to de-motivate even the most naturally enthusiastic of individuals, so ultimately I would still say that the problem is with the management rather than the players. If Hearts could get that sorted out, I think you’d find that the same group of players would be more than capable of giving us much more than they have this season.

Banks also pointed out that the season got off to the worst possible start with the shambles of a pre-season Hearts had last year, and this is very pertinent now as we look ahead to this summer. Who’s to say exactly the same won’t happen again?

We say it time and time again – without putting a proper management structure in place, the team, and as a result the whole club, will continue to suffer. Hearts badly need to recognise that by neglecting the core business in such an extreme way, they have absolutely no chance of developing into the club that they want to be. When will the message get through?


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  • Yep….. 3 words sum it all up – Manager, Manager, Manager. Frail has now admitted that the pre-season was all wrong, so lets hope he’s organising something better this year (although I see they’re still going to Germany for a week).

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