Date: 6th January 2008 at 2:12pm
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Try to imagine the life of a Hearts player right now. Fair enough, they’re paid plenty of money compared to the rest of us (thinking of Ibrahim Tall’s paycheck when compared to my own for this month makes me cringe), but the crisis at Tynecastle is destroying the confidence of the Hearts players.

Vladimir Romanov’s meddling and constant uncertainty is providing a headache for everyone at Hearts, be it senior players like Michael Stewart or Christophe Berra, or other figures like Steve Frail and even Charlie Mann, Romanov’s spokesman.

Roman Bednar, who left Hearts at the beginning of the season on loan to West Bromwich Albion, talked to the Birmingham Mail giving an insight into how Romanov’s interference and disruption causes the players to perform poorly and have a poor disciplinary record. He said:

‘He (Romanov) broke it (the promising 05/06 team). I think sometimes he thinks players are toys. He never had anything to do with football but as he bought Hearts he thinks he knows best.’

Players need stability and consistency. They need to feel wanted and appreciated at their clubs in order to perform better and play with confidence, with a strong belief that if they play well their performances will be rewarded. The top teams up and down the whole country have this: Man Utd, Arsenal and Celtic to name a few. Even West Brom must have it if Bednar is this happy.

Bednar is a prime example of wasted talent thrown away by the Vladimir Romanov regime – talented, honest players who have an affection towards Hearts FC leaving due to internal struggles and politics at the club. Perhaps Mr Romanov should give Bednar a call and ask him exactly what it is that he can change to improve Hearts FC?


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