Date: 31st October 2006 at 4:02pm
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Hearts midfielder Julien Brellier has admitted he could be forced to leave the club if the current selection policy continues.

Brellier has become an outsider looking in over the past few weeks, as his place has been consistently taken by either defenders playing out of position or other midfielders of far lesser ability. Along with Bruno Aguiar, himself a more-than-capable midfielder, 24 year-old Brellier has become frozen out to the point where he doesn’t even know if he’ll be in the squad for the next game, an insult to a player of his ability.

He said:

‘Between me and Bruno, we have to feel angry because it’s so strange.

‘I can understand when Bruno plays ahead of me. I am not saying that Ibrahim is no good because he is a very good player.

‘I just think he is a much better player in defence. I can’t understand it because Hearts have very good players for this position. Between me and Bruno, we have to feel angry because it’s so strange.

‘Ibrahim has tried his best in that position, against Kilmarnock and Dunfermline, but I find this choice very strange.’

Don’t we all my son! Julien is merely saying what everyone else at the club apart from those that matter have been thinking during all of this madness. Why would the owner or the manager of whichever person or persons is picking the team, deliberately not pick their best players and instead play others out of position instead? Is it because they genuinely believe that the others are better? If they do then they are grossly incompetent. Perhaps it’s a personal thing with certain individuals, but if it is then the players certainly don’t seem to know about it. It’s all very strange and it must be incredibly frustrating to work under those conditions.

When asked about his future, Brellier continued:

‘I have to think about the future. I can’t tell you I’m going or not going.

‘I’m not revolting because the situation could change and I hope it does, but at the moment I don’t think so.

‘I have to think about my future. I have been very happy in Edinburgh. I have a great relationship with the fans, but with a situation like this one I have to think to leave. I can’t be happy with that.’
He’s 100% right and this is a crying shame for both the player and the fans. The guy is clearly one of the best players we have, if not THE best player in his position in the country, yet he always seems to be made the scapegoat. Sadly if he decides to leave, few could blame him.


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