Date: 12th May 2015 at 6:28pm
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Owner Ann Budge has said that she has plans to redevelop Tynecastle because she doesn’t believe that moving to a new ground completely would be the right answer.

In quotes carried by the Edinburgh News Budge explained that she had hope to have plans in place for a new main stand by the end of the 2015-16 season.

Having once believed the club should move from our historic home, she explained that her mind had now been changed.

‘If I go back to before I got involved with football, and I had heard all the discussions about Tynecastle, I would sit there in my ivory tower and think the answer is obvious. ‘Of course we need to move to a new stadium, with new facilities, do this and do that, which would be totally fit for purpose`. I would think, ‘I can`t understand why they are even faffing about with

Her involvement now for the last year though has led to a changing of her mind having heard the passionate thoughts and suggestions of others at the club, and whilst there still needs to be a ‘step’ taken by the club when it comes to the stadium she’s now convinced that ‘step’ can be taken with sensible redevelopment.

‘I think there has got to be a step, and the next step is going to be what can we do to keep us at Tynecastle. Despite all the challenges that could bring, it is about how we can overcome these. We are still doing the work, still looking at all the options, and all the difficulties etc, but I am looking at it from the point of view of ‘how can we stay here, what can we do to make this viable`.’

She does say however it does only become viable if the economics can be made to work when it comes to an improvement in facilities and an increase in the capacity and the implications of that for finances in the short and long term.

She was also asked to comment on the possibility of groundsharing with Hibernian, and she answered coyly.

‘Economically it is probably the best option. But I don`t know if I would be able to get that one by the fans!’

Be interesting to find out eventually what these redevelopment plans take the form of.

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