Date: 13th November 2008 at 8:58pm
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I was really pleased to see Christian Nade finally getting his name on the scoresheet for Hearts last night.

Like the rest of the strikers in the first team squad at Tynecastle, Nade has taken his fair share of stick from the stands so far this season, with some of it being justified and some not so.

But while the likes of Jamie Mole, Audrius Ksanavicius and Juho Makela have for me never really shown anything to suggest that they can be long-term successes at Hearts, I’ve always felt that Nade has something worth persevering with.

I’m not entirely sure what it is about the guy, but he seems to have an element of unpredictability about him that can be a big problem to opposing defences, especially when he can get himself fit! He reminds me a little bit of Ricardo Fuller when he has the ball at his feet, particularly when he’s surrounding by opposing defenders in tight spaces – he seems to have an uncanny ability to wriggle through gaps that don’t really seem to be there, which is quite an achievement for a man of Nade’s physique!

Nade has also clearly been working on his fitness lately and the effort he’s been putting in has notably increased in matches, so it’s always nice to see someone being rewarded for that like he was with the winner last night – it was also good to see that the vast majority of the crowd were right behind him too.

Let’s hope that the knock he took last night was not serious and he can keep up the good work this weekend. A confident and fit Nade can be an asset for Hearts and if we can bring in a decent striker to partner him for the second half of the season, he could yet prove to be one of our most important players.

Well done, big man!


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  • A forward scoring a goal ? Are they actually allowed to do that ? That’s the start of his 20 for the season …. 19 to go ……

  • I love this guy even though his physic reminds me more of a boxer than a football player! He is brilliant with his feet, fast and unpredictable and it was great to see him score. I hope that he gains some much needed confidence and manages to score from a few yards out as he goals up to now seem to consist of almost moving himself into the net with the ball at his feet, but who am I to complain… he scored and that is really all that matters! Good luck today big man!

  • Good luck to Nade… However the recent press over Kingston does not bode well… To me it appears he could be pulling a Pinilla with his mysterious injury.

  • Penilla?! Dalien come on, I know that Kingston seem to have a lazy streak and maybe I am naive, but I can?t really believe that he is making this up because he wants to sit out the rest of the year. The only thing I can imagine, if we want to go down the conspiracy route, would be that he isn?t allowed to play because some has made a bid on him. This would be right downs Vlad?s street, but who knows, Kingston might just be injured!

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