Date: 13th November 2008 at 8:51pm
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Hearts manager Csaba Laszlo has defended his team’s recent tendency to ‘win ugly’, and perhaps gave an indication of what’s to come in the next few weeks from his side in terms of style by re-asserting his belief that results are all-important.

Speaking after seeing Hearts booed from the field after an unconvincing and barely deserved 1-0 win over Hamilton Accies at Tynecastle, Laszlo said:

‘Look at the big teams in Italy, how many win 1-0 or 2-1?

‘The fans celebrated after we beat St Mirren 1-0 last weekend but weren’t satisfied with last night’s victory. But we have had two good results and are sitting in fourth place. I don’t have any problems with that and I hope in future to win more games 1-0.

‘Everyone is entitled to their opinion. What I am not happy about is the points we lost against Hibs and Aberdeen, when we played better than last night but only got draws, and the games against Falkirk and Kilmarnock.

‘Had we taken more points from those games then we’d be sitting very comfortably in the table.

‘We appreciate the supporters, we need them and I have always had a good connection with them.

‘I don’t have a problem with them. They maybe wanted to see us beat the team at the bottom of the table by five or six goals but that doesn’t happen very often in professional football.

‘I am happy we won. And I ask, do you like to be beautiful or do you like to be successful?

‘Me? I want to be successful. You get no prizes for being beautiful. That is my motto in life. If you are successful you can take everything you want. The most important thing is to win.’

Yes it is, and I don’t think you’ll find many people complaining about that, but I do also believe that the fans have a right to voice their displeasure after a performance like the one last night. In fact it wasn’t necessarily the performance – it was more the tactics that were being adopted by the side that people didn’t approve of – I really haven’t seen a Hearts team set up as negatively as that in a home game since Joe Jordan was in the dug-out in the early ’90s, and although big Joe’s style undoubtedly did reap success to a certain extent, it didn’t exactly encourage the crowds to flock back.

Personally I don’t think that Csaba really wants his teams to take a negative approach. It’s probably more to do with the players that he currently has available (or unavailable) to him than his actual philosophy on football that is dictating the tactics he’s using, but it is very frustrating to watch, especially when you see so many defensive-minded players on the park at one time.

The January transfer window is going to be a very important month for Csaba & co methinks…..


10 Replies to “Csaba Happy For Hearts To ‘Win Ugly’”

  • Yes, I think that the negative tactics are dictated by the quality he has available – let’s hope he gets some money to spend in January and if new players are brought in that they are his choices. Oh yes, and let’s also hope that they are fit enough to actually play in the team!!

  • Don’t hold your breathe regarding January, guys – unless Csaba is able to “do an Alex McDonald” by bringing in a Colquhoun or a Bone. However there is light at the end of the tunnel … probably a year or 2 down the line (see Itsnomarooned’s article on the U-19s)

  • I tend to agree about January – I’m not so sure the cheque book will be brandished. We’re a fickle lot really though, at the beginning of the season it was all about rebuilding and finishing top six, i.e. progress from last year. But immediately the season starts we’re expecting much more. I include myself in this fickleness too.

  • Personally, I think the regime have showed they haven’t an “earthly” when it comes to making decisions about which players to sign. So I’m happy to see that policy abandonned, and to wait a year or 2 to see home-grown players break through and gradually return Hearts to being a club the fans can identify with again. The likes of Glen, Templeton, Rapnik and Husband might be close to the first team this season, actually.

  • Yes agreed. I don?t think that we are going to as you say brandish the cheque book in January but I hope that we do make some sensible buys at moderate cost to plug the obvious gaps in our current set up. That would at least keep us competitive whilst we await our home grown players breaking through.

  • I don’t think we will either, but surely he needs to bring someone in? Even just a stopgap or two to allow our team to field players in the correct positions.

  • I?m as fickle as anyone, but I have to say that I don?t have much time for the boo boo boys and (girls!). It?s something about it that reminds me of Big Brother and I just think it is a tad negative. I know that the Hearts fans have been through a tough time in recent time and I think that we have the right to voice our opinions, but as much as the Hamilton game left much to desire, we still won! I agree with the idea that Csaba uses what he has to his disposal and at the moment it isn?t much! Maybe it is the accumulation of *****e during the last few years (and underachievement) that currently seem to tarnish the atmosphere at Tynecastle and this is understandable, but booing is only going to affect the players negatively and I can?t see it encouraging goal scoring or making the players less defensive (spot the double meaning ). And yes some shopping in Jan would be good; I hope it won?t be all sales items though….

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