Date: 17th October 2008 at 6:10pm
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Hearts manager Csaba Laszlo believes that this Sunday’s derby match boils down to raw passion, but he has quite humourously warned his players that they shouldn’t ‘die’ in the match as they apparently do in training!

Speaking two days before what is an absolutely critical fixture for Hearts, one which could go some way to shaping the remainder of their season, Csaba said:

‘Believe me, the passion must be there. But if you beat the Hibs you don’t get nine points for one game – you take only three points, but the passion is the question. The heart is the question.

‘Every derby has character, its own character. My passion is there and I feel for two or thre days before the game the feeling.

‘You feel it in the town that it is coming together that it is more full of emotion. I want to bring this to the dressing room.

‘If you don’t do the same against Aberdeen some people ask why are we not doing the same, but I tell you that the difference is passion.’

However that passion cannot allow things to spill over to the point of human lives being in danger(!)…..

‘My philosophy is you must die in training and not in the game,’ he continued. ‘You must take confidence from training and try everything to be good in the game.

‘If you try to fight in the game, and you try to kill the opponent in the game then this is not ok. You must have a very clear head and know what you do in training, what your strategy is, because believe if you don’t then you die in the game – you don’t have success.’

So there we have it, folks. The Hearts players have been instructed not to inflict death upon themselves or any of their opponents. So much for being passionate……sheesh!


3 Replies to “Csaba: Hearts Players Mustn’t Die In Derby!”

  • Thanks that made me laugh out loud :). I think he means that you shouldn?t lose concentration on the pitch, which is good I suppose, but his death talk is a bit different to say the least. Can?t complain about the entertainment factor though. Hope that isn?t all it is i.e., laughable.

  • Well, we did say that we desperately needed characters at Tynecastle – I think it’s safe to say that we’ve got one with Csaba!

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