Date: 10th January 2009 at 12:08pm
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Hearts manager Csaba Laszlo is urging the fans to be patient with his Ugandan signing David Obua.

Obua turned in another indifferent performance at Fir Park on Wednesday night (although he was reportedly in very good company!), and a section of the Hearts support are now quite openly losing patience with the guy.

However while Csaba concedes that we have far from seen the best of Obua, he is at pains to stress that we must give his 24 year-old signing from Kaizer Chiefs more time to properly adjust to the game in this country before being overly judgmental:

‘I know David can give more,’ he said. ‘I’m not talking only about Wednesday’s game because everybody was unlucky, not just David.

‘He needs a little bit time, he needs to go down and work hard. Nobody is pressing David to be a big star right now. I know he can change the situation and for David it is important to learn the football in Scotland.

‘He has high competition on the left side with Andy Driver. Against Motherwell he played behind the striker and I think his performance was not so bad.

‘At the moment, David must calm down and show that he is willing to work himself back into the team.’

It’s fair enough to say that any player coming here from another continent is going to need time to acclimatise – that goes without saying, as does the need for them to get used to the style of football that gets played in Scotland. However from what I’ve seen of Obua, I think his biggest problem seems to be an apparent unwillingness to really put a shift in, sort of in a similar way to Larry Kingston at times. Perhaps it’s just his style that I’m misinterpreting, but there have been times when I’ve looked at Obua and thought he just wasn’t interested, and that includes games that he’s only just been brought on as a substitute. That needs to change.

In Obua’s defence however, when he has been given the chance to play for the first team, it’s never been in the same position more than once, and that cannot be good for any player attempting to make their mark in a different country. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I’ve no idea whatsoever what this player’s best position actually is, and that is simply because Csaba has punted him literally all over the place in his side, from left-back to centre-forward. This isn’t good management to me, and I think that both player and manager need to work ‘together’ (sorry) to get this sorted out, otherwise I can only see a bleak future for the Ugandan at Tynecastle.

Get it sorted, gentlemen.


6 Replies to “Csaba – Obua ‘Can Give More’”

  • Why then at 14:41 on a Saturday afternoon (the day before a big game with a lunchtime kickoff) is he wasting his time on Facebook… (which he is). He should be down the training ground working his socks off in the freezing cold acclimatising (sp) himself to the Scottish game. I understand where Csaba is coming from, but there really has to be more sign of “giving a sheet” from Mr Obua.

  • Maybe you’re the man to change Obua, SJ – tell him you’re not going to be his “Friend” anymore unless he gets his finger out. Oh – and a couple of goals against Hibs would help too.

  • His English isn’t so great. I’d be best off with simple phrases like “Ball? Ball. Kick? Kick. Goal. Oui?”

  • I’m sure most hibs fans are thinking the same needs to be said to Riordan as his English isn’t that great either. Obua maybe does need more time and so far Csaba has managed to get more from the players than Frail and… well everyone since Valdas. I mean Berra is an ideal example. He may well be sold in the coming weeks to an bigger team down south. Not an easy achievement considering what most fans wanted done with him not so long ago. I am hopeful that Csaba can get the best out of the players. Quick question though that I don’t think I had answered the last time. Does anyone know if Tullberg is still at the club, have the extended his loan or bumped him back to Reggina?

  • I believe he is still at Hearts, Dalien – it was a 1 year loan from Regina. So thats 5 months gone without anything from him… another 5 to go.

  • It must be difficult for any player coming from a different playing and living culture so in that respect I’m prepared to cut him some slack. However, in my mind there’s no excuse for a shoddy attitude and he needs a boot up the jacksey. The problem here I think is that Laszlo wanted to bring him in to play on the left wing but then realised we have a consistantly (usually!) good performer there so Obua is somewhat left high and dry. Give him until the end of the season.

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