Date: 3rd January 2008 at 3:29pm
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Despite the fact it was our own beleaguered lot that suffered the backlash, I would imagine that most, if not all neutrals would have been happy to see Dundee United performing so well yesterday against Hearts after having an appeal to postpone the game rejected by the SFA.

The SFA have on many occasions left us scratching our heads in the past for various reasons, but surely their treatment of United here just about takes the biscuit? In my view the entire programme of matches should have been cancelled after the tragic events of last weekend at Fir Park, but at the very least the games involving the two sides who were playing when Phil O’Donnell passed away simply could not go ahead.

Motherwell are obviously affected far more than any other club here, so it goes without saying that their game should have been first on the list to be cancelled….but United’s should have been a close second. It was their players who were standing next to O’Donnell when he collapsed, so in many ways they will be just as haunted by the incident as some of Motherwell’s players were, even if they perhaps wouldn’t have had the same personal friendships with him.

But alas no. Instead, the SFA decided to cancel the Old Firm game due to the wishes of Celtic, but insisted that United play their match against Hearts despite a similar request from Tannadice. Now it’s absolutely fair that the Old Firm game was also cancelled due to Celtic’s link with O’Donnell and indeed having people in their squad who used to be team-mates with him (there might be somee at Rangers as well), but why allow one to be cancelled and not the other? All this does is give people yet more reason to believe that the SFA’s view of our game revolves around Celtic and Rangers, and this is really not something that any of us should have to be angry about at a sad time like this. United’s treatment here is an absolute nonsense and yet again shows us that the people running the game in this country really do not have a clue how to do things the right way at times.
So while I’m obviously disappointed that Hearts lost at Tannadice yesterday, I think we should take our hats off to United for coming out and playing the way that they did.


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  • the SFA only done what we have all come to expect of them ,, mis-manage ,, so what,s new ? what disgusted me was the behavior of a hearts side ? who’s opponent’s were still clearly traumatised after having witnessed the death of a fellow professional days earlier ,, unforgivable !!! hearts will long be remembered as the only team to sully the memory of a true gentleman ,, Phil O, Donnell ,, hope you are all hanging your heads in shame ,, although I very much doubt it ,, it would seem anything is acceptable in the cesspit that exists in the dark side of Edinburgh ,, SHAME ON YOU …….!!!!!!!!

  • Shame on YOU for using the tragic death of a fine professional to try petty juvenile points scoring against a rival team’s fans. What happened on the field had nothing to do with anyone who reads this forum. Get lost, please.

  • this is feck all to do with scoring points against a shower of animals who manage very well without my assistance ,, and you know it ,, you are animals ,, devoid of any decency whatsoever ,, and the sooner your apology for a club cease to exist the better for the Scottish game but ,, I will do as you say and decline posting on a site which cannot admit that their players conduct against Dundee United was anything but despicable,, SHAME ON YOU …………….

  • I really can’t believe I’ve just read some of these comments. We’re talking other adults here too SJ, not just kids even though you wouldn’t think so. As you say, pity that the entire point of this article was missed to try and have a cheap dig at our club. I liked Phil O’Donnell as a player – shame his career was spoiled by injuries and now his life cut short so cruelly.

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