Date: 9th November 2009 at 7:35pm
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You’ve probably noticed that the number of articles being written by myself on this site has gradually been reducing in recent times.

This is because I have been finding it increasingly difficult to dedicate the same amount of time to this as I was once able to, and it’s now at the stage where I have regrettably had to call it a day as far as me being the outright Editor of Vital Hearts is concerned.

Specs Haver has very kindly agreed to take over the mantle over the next few months, but it would also be great if others could continue contributing to the site by submitting the odd article here and there, or perhaps even becoming more regular writers. I’ve always tried to encourage this but again, it’s not something I’ve had a great deal of time to do lately!

After discussion with the guys that run Vital and also the Haver, we have agreed that I will retain a login and when I do get some time I will still be able to contribute something every now and then, but obviously this will be a lot less frequent that it’s been.

I just want to say a massive thanks to everyone who has been part of the Vital Hearts community since I joined the site nearly four years ago. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the chat on here, whether it be arguing with fellow Jambos about all of the problems at our club (and we’ve had a fair few in those years haven’t we?!) or locking swords with the many fans of other clubs who have taken part in our debates. It’s always been very good-humoured and genuinely interesting, which is in complete contrast to some of the rambling nonsense you tend to get on some other online football forums!

So…I’ll no doubt still be popping into the site every now and then, but in the meantime all the very best to everyone….


9 Replies to “Farewell(-ish!) From MrH”

  • A huge “thank you ” ,Mr H, for the admirable devotion over the years to keeping us all informed of the news and developments at our club. A hard act to follow, but I’ll give it a go…. and hopefully you’ll continue to contribute articles and comments whenever time permits !!

  • Bah… you’ll be back. Heh, seriously MrH – thanks for all the fine articles and viewpoints over the years. You’ve done your bit to keep the Hearts support still only slightly insane instead of being completely tipped over the edge like many predicted. Best of luck in your new endeavours.

  • MrH all the best hearts is one of two of the decently ran sites from the spl and i hope it continues as i like getting different points of view on football

  • The King is dead …. long live the King! Seriously – your articles have certainly made this one of the better Vital sites and it’s a shame you’re contribution will be reduced. However, I’m confident that Specs will manfully take up the mantle and I’ll try to heed the plea for alternative contributors and get to submitting the odd article or 2 for considerartion. Cheers MrH.

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