Date: 31st January 2009 at 10:43am
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Hearts captain Christophe Berra will today discuss personal terms with English Championship club Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The Hearts official website has confirmed that Berra will not take part in today’s SPL match at Hamilton, and it’s now simply a case of sitting and waiting to find out if this potential move is the right one for the 23 year old centre-back.

Quite what the terms of Wolves’ offer are does not yet appear to be in the public domain, but you would have to assume that they’ve now upped their original bid of £1.5million quite considerably. After all, Hearts stated very recently that they were looking for a minimum of double that for the player, so it would be disappointing if they were to subsequently accept just any old offer that came in. This has not been the policy at Hearts under Vladimir Romanov, quite the contrary in fact, so let’s hope that if Berra IS on his way, Hearts are appropriately compensated.

Are Wolves the right club for Berra? It’s a good question. They’re certainly a very big club with a potentially huge fanbase, but a lot depends on their realistic aspirations of reaching the Premiership any time soon, as the Championship is most certainly not a step up from the league that Berra plies his trade in right now – there may be more money in it due to the TV sponsorship, but the standard of football is pretty poor. I’d also have slight reservations over the merits of Mick McCarthy being Berra’s manager – he’s never struck me as being particularly impressive, although admittedly that’s just a personal perception.

Guess we’ll just have to sit back and see what happens here. If Berra does go it’ll be with our best wishes, and it won’t be a disaster for Hearts either. But if he doesn’t and we end up keeping him until the summer, then all well and good.


5 Replies to “Hearts Accept Wolves Offer For Berra”

  • The Hootsmon is quoting £2.3m, prompting several fans to post derisory comments about Romanov’s lack of ambition… only being interested in money… etc. I thought all Hearts fans were now aware that the whole project’s primary objective was about making money for UBIG – but apparently not. Some fans are incredibly slow on the uptake. Anywho, in the curent climate, a £2.3m fee is decent – and although Berra is an excellent defender, he’s not irreplaceable, even from within the Academy (Ryan McGowan hopefully). It probably underlines the fact that Hearts do actually NEED money right now.

  • Berra’s definitely improved but not to the point of even being close to irreplaceable. Players of his type are much easier to move on from than losing a particularly creative player -for example I think we’d struggle more without Driver or even Kingston to a lesser extent.

  • Not sure I’d agree with you, Mr H. Berra has been pretty consistent, whereas Driver blows hot and cold. As for Kingston, we’ve played a lot of this season without his services (either through injury or because Csaba’s not been happy with him) – so not having him at all isn’t much worse, when you think about it.

  • Players like Driver always blow hot and cold – if centre-halves performed on that basis they’d cost goals every week! My argument is that the job that wingers do is more difficult – creating and scoring goals is the most difficult thing to do in football, so by definition that means that preventing this is easier. You’ll find ‘consistent’ centre-halves all over the country, but any wingers in this category hardly exist anywhere, and the ones that do cost £20m +

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