Date: 7th June 2007 at 7:51pm
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The results of this week’s poll convey a clear message from the fans: Hearts need to improve their striking department more than any other.

We asked you which position you felt that the team currently needs to strengthen the most, and more than 55% of you felt that we need this in attack.

Although Hearts could do with beefing up quite a few positions in my opinion, I do go along with the majority here: we do desperately need a quality front man. However having said that, none of the guys that we currently have in attack have really been given much of a consistent run in the side, so it’s perhaps unfair to say that none of them have what it takes to be big players for Hearts in the coming seasons.

At various stages of their short Hearts careers, Roman Bednar, Andrius Velicka, Michal Pospisil and Callum Elliot have all shown that they can play. It’s just that none of them have been able to deliver the goods consistently. Whether that’s been down to themselves or the management is another question, but the fact remains that none of them have done it. Yet.

After the strikers, the next highest vote was just 11%, who said that they’d like to see the attacking midfield area of the side improved. Then in third it was curiously the position of goalkeeper, with the 10% who voted this way obviously thinking about the expected departure of Craig Gordon and the potential replacement that the club may need to invest in.

Hearts have now signed Kingston, so I wonder if those who said we need an attacking midfielder will see this as their answer? Maybe not – I’m still not convinced that this is Kingston’s best position and we won’t really know until well into the new season I’d suspect.

Here’s hoping that Larry will have a good few new signings around him of similar ability…

PS Thanks to all who voted this week – great response.


4 Replies to “Hearts Need A Striker!”

  • I’m not hugely surprised by the result of this to be honest… our goalscoring this season compared to last speaks for itself. I would disagree though, because I don’t think we have strikers who can’t hit a barn door at 5 paces. The problem hasn’t been not being able to stick it in the net when possible, it’s been creating chances and controlling the midfield where we’ve struggled. Particularly when Hartley went off the boil and then left. With Brellier leaving, I feel we need someone in there who can break up attacks and win posession. Kingston is very good at that, but he’s good going forward too – so in my opinion we need another. It’s also worth noting that a lot of our goals came from midfield in 2005/06.

  • Agreed SJ, the midfield is in desperate need of some steel in there to allow the creativity of Kingston (+ another player) more freedom. As for De Vries, he was a good player for Hearts but I think it would be a step back taking him now. I can see him going to United though – he’d probably do very well there under a a manager he has a lot of respect for.

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