Date: 21st May 2008 at 5:30am
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Hearts’ record signing Mirsad Beslija looks set to reluctantly return to the club in time for the new season.

The Bosnian winger, who cost the club in the region of £800,000 from Racing Genk in the January transfer window of 2006, has hardly kicked a ball for Hearts due to a combination of injuries and generally appearing to be nowhere near as good as he was billed to be.

Part of the latter problem has been linked to the player’s attitude, which according to those who have watched him training and playing in reserve matches, has not exactly been what you would call overly-enthusiastic. This would appear to be confirmed by some of the player’s comments in The Scotsman, where he spoke of his imminent return to Hearts after his loan spell with Belgian side Sint-Truiden. He said:

‘It’s not an option for me to stay with Sint-Truiden in the second division. I’m going back to Scotland. I still have a one-year contract and I will serve it out.

‘It’s true that my family and I don’t think living in Scotland is really nice. It’s always cold there and it’s often raining. In Genk, people are much friendlier. But everybody knows I have a very nice contract at Hearts. I have to grit my teeth and stay one more year.

‘I think I will get more opportunities to play next season. Hearts will not play in Europe and have omitted some players from their squad. The situation over there is getting more normal now. After Scotland, I’ll be going back to Bosnia or maybe to Croatia. I hope I’ll be able to play some more years over there before I quit.’

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I’ve never liked this mercenary-like attitude in players. It just rubs a supporter up the wrong way when they hear comments suggesting that they’re happy just to stay and pick up their money which, in Beslija’s case, is reported to be around £9000 per week. It’s exactly this sort of attitude from too many players that has assisted in Hearts being in the situation that they are now i.e. too many faceless, probably-talented but couldn’t care less squad members to which the fans simply cannot relate. Therefore it really shouldn’t be much of a surprise that many of us can struggle to name a current Hearts player that we truly like.

It’s a shame, because on the few occasions I’ve seen Beslija, he looks as though he does have the potential to be a good player. I initially thought that his reluctance to really try and go past players was a confidence problem, but perhaps it now truly is the case that the guy simply cannot be bothered. In that case the club should punt him, along with the rest of those falling into this category.


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  • I’m not sure what I find more galling – his attitude to his profession, his employer and the fans ……. or his apparant complete lack of any sense of how his remarks would be taken! Perhaps he was treated so badly at Hearts that he genuinely does not like the club but you would have thought that he’d throw us a bone at least and spout on about great fans etc. Until proved otherwise he is a knob in my book.

  • Aye – in light of the Pinilla saga 3 weeks ago, you could be right, IMcD. In the few times he’s played I though he was pretty poor – especially for a guy that Hearts spent 800k on !! Pinilla really wasn’t much better. Both guys have a poor career history – and as Mr H says, they are examples of what a mess the football side of the club are in. Who the hell identified them as stars ? Poor attitude and average (at best) ability …. if anything points to this whole project being some kind of dodgy scam, then its signing wasters like Beslija and Pinilla.

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