Date: 5th May 2008 at 9:05pm
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If ever there was a headline on this site to completely misrepresent the truth, then this one would surely rank pretty high.

Over the past week or so we’ve been hearing the predictable noises from Tynecastle about how season-ticket sales for next year are going so swimmingly well.

‘Huge queues’ were apparently forming outside the Tynecastle ticket office, no doubt because ‘thousands’ of people cannot wait to secure their seats for another season of mouth-watering entertainment.

So why is then I wonder, that the club have announced an extension to the date where current season-ticket holders can renew their own seats? I’m quite sure that I don’t really need to answer that question for anyone.

The truth is (or it certainly would appear so anyway), that the fans have had enough. Regardless of my own stupidity in renewing last week (I had my reasons, not all of them football), this is NOT something that I’d urge the fans to do unless they see genuine evidence of the tide turning in the club’s favour. We need to see that the Romanovs have seen the errors of their ways and are prepared to take a fresh approach, and perhaps just as importantly, they need to make us feel as though we actually are important to them again.

The way that the recent AGM was handled was a PR disaster for the club, with the overwhelming feeling among those who were there being one of anger at the sheer disdain that these people now appear to be treating their paying customers with. This has to change, and considerably so.

It’s quite clear that the fans are NOT going back in the great numbers that the Romanovs probably expected would, and if this is indeed the case then I’d be quite heartened about that. It’s perhaps the first step to showing the club’s owners that they can’t continue to treat this proud institution like dirt and expect people’s perennial support as a result.

We’ll see what happens over the next few weeks, but my guess would be that unless the much-talked-about managerial situation is resolved to a satisfactory conclusion in the very near future, then we could well see a dramatic reduction in the number of fans going back to Tynecastle next season.