Date: 12th June 2008 at 12:58pm
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Did anyone see the post from the Stoke City fan on JKB giving his appraisal of Hearts target Gudjon Thordarson? Absolutely hilarious read!

This guy would appear to be famed for his ‘no-nonsense’ approach, someone who won’t take any nonsense from anyone, whether it be players who refuse to give their all or chairmen that decide they want more power than they are due. I don’t know about anyone else, but this quality alone surely makes ‘The Mighty Thor’ (or is it the ‘Iceman’?!) an outstanding candidate for the Hearts job?!

I particularly enjoyed the anecdote about the public declaration that his chairman at Stoke was ‘an a***hole’ to some of their fans just after his sacking. Any such public display of brutal honesty is worth commending in my opinion!

As for his other personal ‘qualities’, well, it would appear as though the guy enjoys female company, especially if the rumour that he has nine kids to three different wives has any truth in it! Perhaps this is therefore just the man to get the best out of our mercurial but wayward striker Mr Pinilla?

Seriously though, Hearts do need a manager who commands a certain level of respect, and although the above alleged behaviour is no proof that Thordarson can do this, it certainly would appear that he’s made of stern stuff, and at the very least is his own man. Given that we’ve had more puppets around the Tynecastle dressing room recently than an episode of ‘Thunderbirds’ can boast, then this would surely be a refreshing turn for the better.

As far as the likelihood of Thordarson getting the job is concerned though, it would appear to be still in the balance – both he and Vladimir Weiss are reportedly due to meet the club again within the next few days.

The Icelander was quoted as saying:

‘I can confirm Hearts have talked with me and asked if I’m interested in the job. We spoke last winter but I thought it was over, then my agent spoke to Hearts about something else and suddenly it’s back on. Things really got rolling when the Hearts board realised I could bring along people like Terry (Butcher).

‘They asked if I’d bring Icelanders with me as assistants but I said I’d focus on the British market. When I said Butcher wanted to be my assistant they seemed impressed. If people are ambitious in their proposals I’m willing to look into them but I’ll only go to Hearts if the situation is right. I’ll consider it under the right conditions. I’m getting too old for any other crap.’

I particularly like his last sentence – it really is about time that Hearts had a manager willing to stand his ground.


16 Replies to “Hearts Target ‘Thor’ – Potential Nutter?!”

  • I did read this – best post on JKB since ……. well, ever! He does seem a character to put it mildly and I read an article in the Record about him leaving Iceland under a clound after calling a Ref a cheat, liar and …..fat! He’s going to fit right in. However, isn’t this a potential “unstoppable force/immovable object” scenario with Romanov. If the relationship is to work then there needs to be some compromise which just isn’t in the make up of either of them. Hey-ho, it could be fun for a while.

  • There is an important distinction between a no nonsense manager who is strong ?willed and well respected for it and a complete ?maddo? who is the butt of every pundit?s and sports writer?s joke. No doubt if Vlad picks him he will turn out to be the latter.

  • Well….that’s what’s likely to happen yes, even if he’s decent. He sounds a bit like Iceland’s answer to Neil Warnock doesn’t he?

  • Maybe I am being harsh on this guy. But I honestly don’t think it’s the way forward and I have noticed Weiss plans more talks this weekend. Everyone seems to be saying “oooh he beat Celtic 5-0 he did with his wee team” and of course he did. But he lost the next game to them 4-0 why does everyone forget that? I can’t understand Butcher being in the frame as assistant, this guy was on the radio a year ago saying only an idiot would work for Romanov… Does this mean Butcher has admitted he is an idiot!?! Good grief! Maybe Thoradsson will be a good manager, maybe Weiss will but let’s not forget Vlad Ziggy card he could play. I shudder to think.

  • as long as he brought stability and harmony to the dressing room and resisted upstairs interference in his quest to accomplish it I think he would be worth a try ,, and I wouldn,t worry to much about him being the butt of every sport writers joke he seems the type not to give a **** and we all know who the real jokers are ,, the very same sport writers ,, f@*k them …!!!

  • excuse me Mr H ,, I am Dalian’s antidepressant ……….!!! alway,s look on the bright side of life …….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sounds an oddball, certainly. Mind you, so was Malofeev. These 2 phrases are strange …. “Things really got rolling when the Hearts board heard I could bring along people like Terry” Hmmm… people LIKE Terry … but perhaps not actually called Terry. “When I told them Butcher wanted to be my assistant, they were impressed”. Hmmm… are you sure Butcher wants to be your assistant, Mr Thor ? Are you sure Butcher even knows who you are, Mr Thor ? Call me a cynic, but £350k probably does strange things to some people.

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