Date: 8th November 2009 at 2:37pm
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The post-match remarks of Hearts manager Csaba Laszlo after the derby bore at Tynecastle yesterday in relation to his striking situation did little to encourage anyone into thinking that he has a long term future at the club.

Csaba, whom everyone knows is royally hacked off about the fact that he’s been unable to bring in any quality forwards of his choice during his time as Hearts manager, was once again asked about his main problem after yet another match in which his side had had the upper hand but ultimately failed to take three points from.

His response went along the lines of ‘I could comment on this but if I did I’d lose my job’, which really does tell you all you need to know about the current situation.

Csaba has gone on record as saying that he will not resign his position at Tynecastle, rather than his departure if it does happen this season will be as a result of Mr Romanov and co deciding to take this decision for him.

But how long can Csaba hold his tongue in public here? The guy is being made to look silly and I’m not sure how many favours he is doing himself by continuing to toe the line as far as his bosses are concerned. Yes he has made mistakes in the job and needs to be held accountable for Hearts’ poor start to the season, but Romanov has not backed him as an owner should at a football club, and Csaba is clearly not giving everything that he could be in return.

It’s very difficult to say exactly what’s going to happen here, but given Romanov’s track record and the fact that Csaba is clearly not happy, I can only really see one outcome here. It’s just a case of when rather than ‘if’…….


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  • Rather then just sulk over the fact that Romanov blocked the signing of whoever in the summer, I wish Csaba would be more thoughtful and proactive about how to train the strikers we do have to be more effective. For a start, his public utterings about the situation can’t be very encouraging for the likes of Glen and Witteveen, who only get the occasional start plus 10 minutes sub appearance here and there. Yet he perseveres with Obua when there’s several other options available. I’m starting to think Csaba isn’t very flexible in terms of tactics.

  • I agree with you Specs. Yes Laszlo is hacked off at the situation but there it is …. just get on with it. If things aren’t working then try something else.

  • I think Csaba needs look on the bright side. At the end of the day every Manager would want more to spend on players and every club owner would want to achieve with the players already at the club and make a few profitable sales when possible. Csaba could be right that another signing would have changed things, he’s an experienced manager so I respect his opinions. The fact is that for now we have to score with the strikers, midfielders and wingers we’ve got. It’s tough to rely on midfielders and wingers scoring prolifically so we need a few more goals from our strikers. Csaba complained about the innexperience of his side after the Motherwell game whilst the ‘well manager praised the 18 year olds that he’d played as well as his 25 year old goal scorer.

    I’m just pleased we have done well in the CIS cup so far and the semi finals draw could have been worse. Csaba is the man for the job and we’ve already got good committed players so let’s hope we can find form and win something this season. Fingers crossed for a January signing and finding form.

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