Date: 28th February 2007 at 1:08pm
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After Vladimir Romanov’s latest bizarrely-worded rant last weekend (involving ‘monkeys’, ‘bananas’ and ‘Mowgli’), many people have been debating just who ‘Mowgli’ is meant to be.

My own view was that it was likely to be someone with a position of relative power within the Scottish media, perhaps someone like the editor of one of the big Scottish tabloids. Certainly, it would need to be someone with enough power to dictate which stories go into print and which ones that deliberate spins are put on to to discredit certain people (or Hearts as VR believes).

However, it has been suggested that Mowgli could indeed be David Murray, the squeaky clean (haha!) leader of the less-than glorious Glasga Rangers. Those suggesting this are obviously in agreement with the theory that Murray effectively controls the media in Scotland, to the point where they will only print what he approves.

Now you could argue that the people who think this are every bit as crazy as Romanov, but I will concede that there is little doubt that when it comes to Murray, the press seem unable to criticise the man. The best example of this has to be when he poached Walter Smith back to Rangers from the Scotland job recently. I’m absolutely convinced that had any other club in the country done this they’d have been chastised by the media for months, even years for it. But all the stories that came out had the spin of how good a move it was for Rangers, rather than focusing on what was surely the bigger issue of interest within the country: the fact that Scotland had lost a manager who had been performing well. And then we heard practically nothing more on it at all.

So there is no question that Murray is a very influential figure within the Scottish game and is definitely capable of ‘bending’ a few rules to suit his own agendas. I would also say that similarly to Romanov, a man in Murray’s position will not have gotten there by being a nice guy. In fact, there’s every chance that his route to where he is would be every bit as dodgy as VR’s, but it seems that because VR is from Eastern Europe, he MUST be corrupt, whereas Murray cannot possibly be,

Read Romanov’s statement again (below) and decide for yourself if you think he’s referring to Murray. I’m still not completely convinced, but I can see where this viewpoint comes from…………….

Dear Monkeys

Today I will not be showing your portrait to you. It is pointless. You are one step away from becoming human beings.

Go and carefully have a look at yourself in the mirror. Don’t you see a human in it?

Stop fighting for the values which the ex-captain of Hearts was fighting for.

Education and truthful information – that should be your input to humankind.

Your leader Mowgli is not taking bananas any more, now he is taking money for lies and untruthful interpretation. However he is greedy and makes you collect rotten information from cesspits and poisons readers with it.

This is unworthy even of a monkey.

Today I will express my opinion in English about refereeing in order that your Mowgli will not make you tell lies.

To discuss whether referees take money or not is the same as discussing a woman who gives herself with no love.

Isn’t it better to concentrate on the standard of their work instead of looking for reasons for their poor performance?

A woman cheats herself and nature if she gives herself without love. If a referee officiates a game based on his personal love, he commits a cynical crime, especially when the public has trusted him.

I respect those referees who take money from two stupid teams and then honestly officiates a game. They do not harm football in any way. Though it is bad, still everybody is equal for them. Perhaps that is the reason why football in Italy will never die despite all the scandals that continuously shake it.

I think that is much better than being the champions for 40 years while building up the same system for a further 40 years.

Now it has become obvious to me why you, the Monkeys, were trying to ruin Hearts not only in the Championship, but in European competitions as well. I think it was not without your help that the ‘frozen’ referee from Russia was selected to officiate our match and that in the games against the Greek side we got three red cards.

It is not without your help that traitors were presented as heroes thus showing the road to children for betrayal.

You will always call teachers silly because unlike you they lead children along the correct path.

Protecting your values in that way just spoils not only football, but also a Scotsman’s proud name.

I beg you Mowgli, take the monkeys back to the Safari Park!


15 Replies to “Is David Murray ‘Mowgli’?”

  • shockeroonie, the answer is YES, as I exclusively revealed in this great forum when the story first appeared…..Sir Moonbeam is in fact, “the King of the Swingers”…LMAO, right, i’m off for a bananna….., PLG said all we need to know about Moonbeam and his 80% control of the Scottish Media, need I say more?

  • Very true about PLG, but because of his poor results here his voice holds little credence in this country. It’s a shame that Romanov has become something of a comedy character, because underneath some of the strangeness, he does make some genuinely true points about some of the wrongs in our game. And Rangers are at the heart of it.

  • It could well be Murray. He is as rotten to the core as his club. But it could equally be someone in the media or the SFA.

  • Sorry Bud but, Anti Murray YES, anti Rangers? definitely not mate!….Your own fans now realise just how dodgy Murray is, and he’s actively hawking YOUR club to all comers, he has already knocked backed a £40 million bid from an overseas consortium of rangers supporters mate. The man is now desperate, and thats not good news for Rangers or Scottish football. But how would you know any of this Bud?, Murray has the press in his pocket, only now he uses it to dupe the Rangers fans and censor any real news from them. Can you imagine how the press would react if this was Quinn or Vlad?…yet not one single peep from the Scottish media about the state of Rangers finances,or, his trying to flog your club on e-bay….

  • The point of the article was actually to work out if Murray is actually who Vlad was talking about. It certainly wasn’t a go at Rangers. As you say though TicV, how would Rangers fans ever know if DM was taking them for a ride or not?

  • Yes the paranoia comment was ever so slightly tongue-in-cheek Bud – I thought you might have realised that! As for having a go at Rangers, no – it was merely floating the question of who Romanov was talking about in his rant. I’d heard several people suggesting it might be Murray and….well it might be. I used to have a lot of time for DM – always comes across well in the media, speaks sense, successful guy, etc. But I was never daft enough to think that underneath all that he was a nice guy, because people in that sort of position rarely are. You can’t believe all you hear, but I do believe that DM has effectively played some sort of “Godfather” role with the Scottish sheep (sorry…media!) and it’s about time this stopped.

  • Complete idiot, i respect some of the old firm comments because the refs have given out some absoltue gems to Rangers over the years with various penalties and offside/onside decesions.

  • all in all the man is a complete numpty and the refernce to monkeys is definelty a reference to that idiot David Murray!

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