Date: 25th February 2007 at 9:08pm
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They get baited about their horrendous history in the Scottish Cup year after year, but will 2007 finally be the year that Hibernian Football Club lift the trophy?

They’ll certainly not get many better chances. Having edged out Queen Of The South yesterday, they now find themselves in the last four alongside Dunfermline, Celtic and either Motherwell or St Johnstone.

I think that pretty much any of these sides are capable of winning the trophy. Most people’s favourites will obviously be Celtic – they are the logical choice as the runaway leaders of SPL. However every time I watch Celtic they are downright awful! And even Celtic season-ticket holders that I know are saying the same thing and cannot believe just how far ahead they are in the SPL title race.

Hearts have outplayed the Champions on almost every occasion over the past couple of seasons with mixed results and I’m sure that other teams have performed well against them too. The difference with Celtic though is that they never let the heads drop when they’re up against it. They ride out the storm, regroup and can very often come back and sneak it at the end, even in games they don’t deserve to get a point, let alone a victory. I didn’t see their game at Inverness today, but by all accounts it was a similar story there. They ground it out in the end and you have to give them credit for that.

But in the cup anything can happen. If a side as poor as the one Hearts put out at Parkhead earlier in the season is capable of outplaying Celtic, then so are Hibs if they’re on their game, so there’s every chance the Hibees can win the Scottish Cup this year.

And if they don’t win that, well they’ll already have some silverware in the bag anyway won’t they? They’re already in the final of the other cup (the one sponsored by Walt Disney!) and have Dougie McDonald in charge, so all they need to do that afternoon is turn up.

Having said that, turning up can be something of a problem for Hibs in cup finals….!


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  • Shoot me down and ban me from the site forever if you will but I genuinely hope the hibees do win something this year. I would certainly hope they won it ahead of any of the other teams, especially the celts. My grandad was a hibee and he never did me any harm!

  • Watched the ICT v Celtic game this afternoon – have to say I was torn. On the one hand, I wanted ICT to win – because I’d support ANY team against either of the bigot brothers. But on the other, I knew that if Celtic went out, Hibs would be favourites to win the Cup. Tough one. :-/

  • I love the sheer jealousy of the Hearts fans. face it, you are fourth rate and would love to be able to be as good as celtic. facts are that even on a very bad day, we are country miles ahead of Hearts, or anyone else in the country for that matter. But you keep your head up there pal, that way you’ll never be anything but fourth or fifth rate.

  • No doubt it’s me for daring to question the abilities of “the mighty shellick”, Rudi! I’m only going on what I’ve seen of them though. If Hearts are “fourth of fifth rate” (and I admit we’re poor these days), then Celtic are even worse than I thought, as they seriously struggle every time they play this “fifth” rate side! Are you a ten-to-five man weetim or do you actually go to the games?

  • Oh…..and yes, we would be jealous, highly jealous if Hibs won the cup. Of course we would. But where in the article does it contain anything of a jealous nature? Perhaps I’ve been taken out of context, like our esteemed owner!

  • Jealous? What does it say on the Cup again? Oh yes… 2005/06 HEART OF MIDLOTHIAN. Nothing to be jealous about. I just like winding Hibees up that they haven’t won it for over 100 years and don’t want that to stop.

  • I feel a ban from the site for christhejambo would be fully warranted. Disgraceful statement to make for a Hearts fan. I have to admit I celebrated the Celtic winner yesterday, because if they’d gone out, it was Hibs Cup. Dunfermline, Motherwell and Inverness are very ordinary and Hibs would have had no issues despatching them all the way to the trophy. Hopefully they get the hoops in the semis for a smooth exit from the competition at the same point as the previous two seasons.

  • I don’t have that much of a problem with Hibs to be honest. It maybe stems from not being from Edinburgh….that coupled with the fact they’ve never really been much of a force in my lifetime! I’d disagree that it was their cup though had Celtic gone out. Any of those teams can beat any of the others in my view. All Hibs need to remember is Livingston………when 38,000 of them were there to witness it!

  • Its a better Hibs team these days. I can confirm i despise our neighbours FULLY and hope they never win the cup in my lifetime.

  • On their day they’re a decent side, but then so are Motherwell and Dunfermline when they have confidence……even Celtic can play from time to time!

  • At least the Leith sales rep from Brasso would be happy as Hibs haven’t bought something to shine the Scottish cup with for 105 years!

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