Date: 19th January 2009 at 7:54pm
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It wouldn’t be January at Hearts under Vladimir Romanov without at least someone coming over on trial from Kaunas, and right on cue the club have announced that two players are due to arrive tomorrow to stake their claims for a move to Edinburgh.

Marius Cinikas, a 22 year-old forward and midfielder Vygantas Zubavicius, 24, are the men who’ll be looking to impress manager Csaba Laszlo, and although there may still be some fans who will roll their eyes at this news, I would like to think that the days of Hearts taking on random Kaunas players seemingly for the sake of it are now well behind us.

It certainly does seem as though our manager Laszlo has much more respect at board level than probably anyone else has who has been in the Tynecastle dugout during the Romanov era, so I’d like to think that if we do decide to sign either of these guys, it will be with Csaba’s blessing.

That’s quite a few players that Hearts have been linked with in a short space of time now, so it promises to be a pretty hectic last week or so before the transfer window closes, particularly if there are some high profile departures on the horizon too….


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  • Interesting to see if Csaba is “allowed” to reject one or both of them !! As you say Mr H, lets just hope Csaba isn’t pressured into signing them for its own sake. Many fans won’t be happy if our only new forward turns out to be from Kaunas, making a mockery of the Porter and Meyong-Ze stories !!!

  • It may have already have been suggested, but I wonder if Romanov uses transfers to Hearts as an incentive to up the work rate of players at Kaunas. Even if the transfers never happen, trials show that there is the possibility and that might motivate his other team. What player would not want to that such a huge jump in clubs? It sounds like a realistic possibility since Csaba said he did not like trials (called them “unprofessional”). So either the trials are just an incentive for the Kaunas players (and Csaba gets a quick look at free options albeit in an “unprofessional” manner) or Romanov is back to his interfering ways.

  • Ach well it’s only two this time and we can hopefully send at least one back. To be honest this is part of the Romanov pyramid and it is not going to change. We have had some good player?s coming from the east, some right awful ones and some mediocre ones. It is not going to change and I do not think that it puts Csaba’s leadership in question. Csaba knew what he signed up for and he seems diplomatic enough to deal with Romanov’s demands, which has given him free rains in regards to team selection etc (thankfully!). If this is all the upset Romanov causes this year I’ll be a very happy Jambo indeed!

  • Why is Cinikas saying today that he’s signed a 6-month deal with Hearts (with option to extend) if he’s only here for a trial? And why would the player announce this to the press before there’s anything about this on the Hearts website? Strange…

  • I’m pretty sure one of the other imports said the same thing a few years back SJ. Can’t remember but it was during the mass influx with Pilabitis etc.

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