Date: 6th January 2008 at 9:53pm
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Yeah yeah I know – it’s transfer window time and that basically means that it’s the silly season in terms of transfer rumours, but you’ve just got to love the one linking Kevin Keegan with the vacant Hearts manager’s job haven’t you?

Every time that this position becomes available (and let’s face it, that’s happened a LOT in the last two years!), some pretty big names always seem to sprout from somewhere in connection to it, with the likes of Bobby Robson, Claudio Ranieri and the biggest name of all, Alexei Mikhailichenko, all being mentioned in the past.

Due to the lack of ‘walking the walk’ that Romanov seems to have demonstrated in recent times when compared to his initial bravado when he bought the club, people are rightly being a bit more conservative this time, with much more realistic names like Jim Jefferies and Billy Davies in the frame.

But despite this it obviously hasn’t completely deterred those in the media who can’t resist the opportunity to link a big name with the job, and today it’s been the name of Keegan that’s done the rounds.

Do I think it’s realistic? Not at all, but it does make for some good hypothetical debate, with the question of ‘would you want Keegan?’ being the critical one. As far as the answer to this is concerned, even though his managerial record isn’t great I’d probably have to say yes, as there is just something about this guy that makes you want him at your club. It must be the great charisma that Keegan has that continues to make people interested in him – he’s a very honest and enthusiastic guy, and pretty much everywhere he’s been the fans have idolised him, most famously at Newcastle I would say.

But it’s not going to happen is it?


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  • No it’s not. But what a great appointment he would be. He would lift the spirits and the profile of the whole club, and be a real draw for future signings. I wouldn?t worry too much about his managerial record ? he would be way good enough to achieve success in the SPL. But no, it?s not going to happen.

  • Blew £50M at City with no return. He did turn Richard Dunne around however, we’re grateful for that. Heady days at Newcastle as you say – but his teams cannot defend and personally he does become unhinged too easily.

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