Date: 6th June 2007 at 1:29pm
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Hearts have exercised their option to make Larry Kingston’s contract permanent.

Vladimir Romanov has concluded the deal, which saw him invoking the option to sign the player for around £500,000. If Kingston stays for the duration of his contract, he will be a Hearts player until June 2010, but that would appear to be a big ‘if’.

Many people are indicating that we could be looking at another Rudi Skacel situation, whereby we’ll be looking to move him on to a buyer down south sooner rather than later. Several clubs in the Premiership have already been linked with Kingston, including Bolton, Newcastle and most recently, Birmingham City.

I’ve still not seen enough of Larry to say if he’s good enough for that level yet, but there is no doubt that he has great ability. I’ve just not yet seen a player capable of playing at the level he’s shown glimpses of for a full 90 minutes. Until we see that then I think he will remain something of an enigma, a player that you would have more in the ‘luxury’ category than the ‘dependable’ one. I’m not saying though, that I’m unhappy that Hearts have signed him – far from it in fact. I’m merely saying that for the wages he’s on and the reputation he has, he needs to show he can do it for more sustained periods of times in a game.

I really hope that Hearts can hold onto him for at least another season so that we can see what he can truly do with a full pre-season under his belt. His agent Alexander Fedoseev is also hopeful of this – he said:

‘I have received the paper, everything is done and the option has been fulfilled. The contract is three years from now. Larry wants to win something with Hearts, that is the position he is in. He is a very profound boy. He wants to show his brilliant game and achieve results.’

Can’t disagree with that sentiment, mate!


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  • I don’t think it will be another Rudi situation. This one is completely different. For a start, Kingston wants to stay. Rudi didn’t. So he signed to Hearts for a day in order that Hearts could get some money for him. Kingston wants to win trophies with Hearts. I’m absolutely delighted he’s signed, as I think he’s quality.

  • Yeah agreed, the situation with the player’s attitude is definitely different, but the stance the club take on it may not be – that was the similarity I was referring to. We’ll see – worst case scenario is we sell him for good money, so it’s not a bad situation now.

  • Great news. Take your point on his consistency, but I’m sure that’ll come. Let’s hope we get more like him.

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