Date: 18th November 2008 at 12:34pm
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Hearts midfielder Larry Kingston is making the news today after it was revealed that he made a trip to Ghana for a friendly match this week that he won’t even be bit to play in.

The Ghanaian midfielder has been missing from the past few games with a mysterious injury that the Tynecastle medics are struggling to diagnose (‘can’t-be-bothered-itis’ has not yet been ruled out, apparently), but despite this he took it upon himself to accept his country’s invitation to travel over for their relatively meaningless match against Tunisia. This would mean that even if he had shaken off his alleged injury by the weekend, he probably wouldn’t be able to play due to the amount of time it would take him to travel back over and jet-lag.

It’s a move that has clearly angered his manager at Tynecastle, Csaba Laszlo, who had this to say:

‘If Larry is back, we must talk about this issue. I know he is in Ghana and I am surprised. The player is injured. He can’t play for his national team.

‘He has a letter, the medical staff from Ghana would like to see him but he can’t play. Heart of Midlothian have medical staff who do a good job.

‘Larry will definitely not play in my team (this weekend]. He cannot come back so quickly, this is the problem. I don’t know when he will be fit, he has a flight ticket to be back for the weekend.

‘He was getting treatment in our medical department, he tried to come back but he told us he was injured. He had the invitation from the football federation of Ghana and, if you receive this letter, your club cannot refuse to release you. We released Larry but if the player is injured and he would like to come back quickly, this is not the best way.

‘This is a friendly game for Ghana, not an official game. You are injured and you lose a lot of time. You are sitting in the airport or on an aeroplane, you are not receiving treatment. This is not what I want and this is not professional.

‘I accept the Ghana football federation and I accept the player’s wish but we will talk about this later.’

In my opinion Csaba has every right to be disappointed in his player here. It sends out all the wrong signals and merely confirms what many of us have been thinking about the guy for a while now – he couldn’t give a toss about Hearts and is extracting the urine out of his employer more and more with each passing week.

Csaba should go right through Kingston on his return from Ghana, and if he doesn’t get the reaction that he should get from a proud professional player who’s just had his attitude questioned, then in my opinion he should not play for the club again. Yes he has talent and we’re short on players in that category, but you cannot have guys earning the money that Larry does just doing as they please and offering very little in return.



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  • Taxi for Csaba… I hate to say it but I did mention this in the Christian Nade Well Done that Man comments section. I honestly think now he is taking the ***** out the club a la Pinilla and Beslija. Let’s face it any normal employee of a company who sees others “at it” ends up wanting to be “at it” themselves eventually. Still Scandanavian Jambo raised a good point, surely if he wants out (I am basing this on rumours I have heard) he should play his little socks off so he will be bought by someone. Sad times. Sorry for the naughty words but the system blanks them out anyway.

  • The ‘play his little socks off’ theory only works if there is no buyer waiting in the wings, or the player is largely unproven. Someone like Larry will always have a string of potential suitors lining up ready to sign him on decent wages… thats what football agents can do to players’ brains. I believe he is actually owned by a Russian agency rather than Hearts, so even if / when he is sold, we won’t see any money for him.

  • Even more good news. I think you may be right SJ I do seem to remember the whole agency thing. I thought uefa were going to stop the practice of agencies owning players after the Tevez-gate thing, but I suppose like most things uefa it will take years.

  • Well Dalien, to bring a bit of Shakespeare into this: ?There?s something rotten in the state of Denmark? or at least in Ghana… It?s hard to say if it is Kingston?s own bad attitude (which should earn him a right bolocking from Csaba if nothing else) or if it?s Ghana who demanded that he came over for a check (which is what the hearts website claimed) or if it?s sales going on behind the curtains (apparently I am still at the theatre :). I think we have seen the last of the boy if it is sales, as Vlad seems quite adamant never to play anyone who other clubs shows a slight interest in.
    In relation to Kinston?s attitude, I think he is a good player and I would have loved to see more of him together with Stewart and Aguiar, but he isn?t so good that Hearts future rests on his whereabouts! I do think his injury is a bit suspect, but as I said we cannot forget that Vlad might be lurking in the back ground… This is great stuff for conspiracy theories; it?ll keep us occupied for weeks, as the current football certainly isn?t the most exciting…

  • Very strange – but good to hear Csaba display his displeasure that Laryea has chosen to spend 3 days flying instead of receiving treatment. I thought we paid money (to someone) to sign him on a 3 year contract 17 months ago following his 6 month loan spell with us at the start of 2007 – in which case we own him, n’est pas ? Apparently it was one of Vlad’s Russian “friends” who somehow took Laryea to the famous Terek Grozny – its almost beyond belief that a Ghana internationalist could be persuaded to play in the frozen wastes for a Russian 2nd division team ? This latest episode is a shame because he’s a very skilful player, but if he’s not prepared to get into fifth gear for the team, then we should flog him now.

  • Steady on there Specs… I know he can be a frustrating player to watch at times, and he possibly has taken Hearts for a ride, but I think a flogging would be be taking things a tad too far. How about we just sell him in January? 🙂

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