Date: 14th June 2007 at 9:53am
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German World Cup legend Lothar Matthaus is once again being linked with the Hearts manager’s job after walking out on his previous post with FC Salzburg earlier this week.

Matthaus, like Nevio Scala, has been quoted as saying he’d be interested in the job should Vladimir Romanov approach him and once again he is apparently making similar noises.

There are obviously an awful lot of obstacles in the way of such a potential move though, with Romanov himself being the biggest one. Can you seriously imagine these two guys being able to work
with each other? We all know what Romanov is meant to be like, but Matthaus is famed for his arrogance and indeed despite his magnificent achievements as a player for Germany, is apparently very unpopular in his own country. Talk about a potential stormy relationship!

The other big stumbling block I think would be money. Would Hearts be willing to pay the sort of money that a man of that distinction in the game is likely to command? I’m not so sure. If the offer we made to Bobby Robson was ‘insulting’, then I can’t see why it would be any different with Matthaus.

Still, if by some miracle a deal could be worked out, I’d be delighted with an appointment like this. It could only help to further raise the profile of the club and surely we’d be able to encourage better players to come to Hearts? I fear it’s very unlikely though.


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  • Matthaus hasn’t proven really anything as a coach despite being a great player. That’s why I would prefer Scala or Antic for example.

  • On the other hand, Romanov tends to go for people who have a point to prove. Matthaus would be a good icon for the club, especially for the younger players. Scala and Antic perhaps wouldn’t have the same drive to succeed as they’ve already done it before (and in bigger leagues than the SPL). But if we’re looking at P.E. teachers, then none of these names are going to come.

  • Just have to see what happens guys. The main thing is that we get a decent coach in and that he’s allowed to do his job without any hassle he doesn’t need.

  • I think everyone has to ask themselves WHY all these “big names” (Scala, Antic, Matthaus, Warnock, etc) are publically expressing interest in managing Hearts. Are they just looking for a stepping-stone entry into the Premiership like most of the better SPL players? Could that maybe be the reason why none of them have the job yet?

  • Very good point. You’ve maybe hit the nail firmly on the head there and perhaps the same reason explains the Rix appointment.

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