Date: 26th May 2008 at 11:48am
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I was quite happy to read quotes from Mark McGhee in the weekend papers indicating that he wouldn’t take the Hearts manager’s job unless he gets the correct about of power to do as he pleases as far as the first team squad is concerned.

The Motherwell manager would appear to be a man in demand just now after a successful season at Fir Park, but Hearts’ interest has certainly prompted an initially positive response from McGhee, although the reported £350,000 salary may have more than something to do with it!

He was quoted as saying:

‘Hearts are a great club and any manager would be thrilled at the opportunity to manage them.

‘But their recent issues are well documented and I would require clarification on a number of those issues before I could even consider moving.’

It’s this last sentence which, if McGhee does indeed end up getting the job, is the most encouraging. Hearts could end up appointing Jose Mourhinho and still achieve nothing if the amount of interference from above that we’ve witnessed in the last two years continues, so it’s good to see that the guy has his head screwed on with this in mind. It looks as though he isn’t going to allow the significant sum of money being offered to allow him to be courted without the assurances that the new manager needs, which is surely a relief to all concerned.

We can no doubt expect more developments on this in the coming days and weeks……….


11 Replies to “McGhee ‘Requires Clarification’ From The Romanovs”

  • regardless of who takes the job he would do well to be granted full power in first team football maters ,, but the powers that be must be aware that they will attract no one of note if they continue to hold on tightly to the reigns ,, they must also know that a manager of McGhees ilk will guarantee the one ingredient Hearts have been devoid of since their tenure began ,, Stability ,, which will inevitably restore your competitiveness in the season to come ,, hope you get your man regardless ,, looking forward to the challenge already …!!!

  • just been reported on Radio Clyde that it is dead in the water ,, and they ,, as you will no doubt be aware ,, are alway,s accuracy personified ………..

  • Yes, its heartening to know that we’ve at least managed to get this far. McGhee is totally correct to try to get things in writing up front, before considering it. By the way, nice touch of irony in your Radio Clyde comment there, Wishaw Bhoy – thanks !! To be fair to Radio Clyde though, they’re far from alone in spouting utter pish.

  • Just heard he has turned the job down too. This time is comes from the reliable source which is the Motherwell website.

  • Can’t even entice a manager away from Motherwell……and my mates have the cheek to ask why I won’t renew hahaha.

  • I reckon this was a stunt by romanov to get renewals whilst McGhee was on holiday and then we he returned talks would have broken down. I know this sounds rather sceptical but last year we had images of the new stadium and big name managers such as Lothar mentioned again just in time for their big push for the last week of renewals. I have to say I didn’t believe it and also, has anyone else noticed that Frail is still there and has gone anywhere yet and there isn’t any noise about him moving to other clubs.

  • Oh and I am sure McGhee loved the attention as he will now have a nice new wage. This isn’t an attack on him, in fact I applaud him for the way he has dealt with all of this. Bring back Jeffries then we will now who is picking the team… I am sure though Killie can probably talk him around.

  • Sorry for being the bearer of the bad news. I’m kind of glad I stopped going to Tynie a while ago. I am genuinely saddened by everything that has happened over the last few years though.

  • I think your suspicion is a touch over-egged Dalien – although I fully understand why fans come to think along these lines, since the Board have a formidable track record for plain wierdness. For what its worth, I didn’t see any signs of Romanov actively promoting leaks about McGhee – simply a single statement to co-incide with the official approach to Motherwell, which is the minimum fans would expect given the newspaper talk.

  • I hope you’re right SH and to be fair the fuss by the club was kept to a minimum. Really all I want to see is a manager picking the team and even mediocrity returning then we can stop being the ‘oh them again’ team of the spl.

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