Date: 11th June 2007 at 4:06pm
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Pictures of the new Hearts kit for next season have been published on the club’s official website today and I have to say, I don’t like it at all.

I suppose these things are all down to personal taste, but I really wish that Hearts would for once get back to playing in their traditional colour of deep maroon, something that they haven’t had
for a number of years now. The only times I’ve seen Hearts playing in the true ‘famous maroon’ were for one-off games, where they sported limited edition tops.

The first of those was for the Coca Cola Cup Final of 1996, an epic match that saw us being edged out 4-3 by a Paul Gascoigne-inspired Rangers at Parkhead. The other occasion was the same year I think and was the home leg of a European Cup Winner’s Cup tie against Red Star Belgrade, where the match ended 1-1 (Red Star went through on away goals).

Both strips had a fantastic deep shade of maroon, much more like the classic Hearts sides of the 50s and 60s used to sport. But the one I saw today is a far cry from that I’m afraid. The shade of maroon is still not dark enough, but I’d be prepared to overlook that if it wasn’t for the white band that really just spoils the entire design for me. It would look much better if they’d kept it simple in my view.

I can’t actually remember the last time that Hearts had a really decent kit – perhaps the cup-winning season of 1998? Even that wasn’t the best colour and it’s something of a mystery why the club have not opted for a more traditional style strip for some time – it would definitely be a popular move with the supporters if they did.

Perhaps it’s more the decision of the manufacturers themselves rather than the club though, and because Hearts have such a good deal going with Umbro, they’re probably willing to accept whatever they come up with. If the marketing is right, they’ll still sell thousands regardless of how it looks anyway.

I’m still hoping that one day though, we can see a return to the original famous maroon and white!


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  • Like you say, its down to personal taste. I’d really need to see one in the flesh before making a proper judgement (my pre-order is in) but apart from the claret trims I think it’s a big improvement on last year’s strip. The badge is where it should be again for a start! I take your point about the colour, but the maroon is no lighter than the shade of maroon used on this site, for instance…

  • Yeah I know, but because a lighter colour has been getting used for years, that’s the colour that now gets widely used to represent Hearts. It definitely used to be darker and for me, that looked much better.

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