Date: 20th June 2007 at 1:26pm
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Rangers supporters have spoken out over their disgust at the news that Hearts have raised their ticket prices for Tynecastle by around 30%.

A statement was released by the Rangers Supporters’ Trust that had this to say:

‘The Rangers Supporters Trust unequivocally condemns the ridiculous ticket price rises announced by Hearts. This is yet another example of ordinary football supporters being completely ripped off. With football already far too expensive in this country for the quality of product on offer, it is with incredulity the RST notes Hearts have saw fit to raise prices 30 per cent.

‘The RST notes with sadness that this is another example of the game eating itself -as clubs seem determined to price ordinary working people out of the game; what long-term viability will Scottish football have as a business?

‘The Trust calls on Rangers to decline any ticket allocation for the match at Tynecastle scheduled for 15th September 2007. As Rangers supporters are required to apply for away tickets in entirety prior to the commencement of the season, such action by the Club is necessary to ensure supporters are not forced to pay such extortionate prices for a level of facilities that are substantially below that of Ibrox. Rangers could provide a facility to watch the game – which will undoubtedly be shown live on Setanta TV anyway – at Ibrox.

‘The Trust also calls for fans who believe that no club should take the fantastic Rangers away support for granted to make an example of Hearts and to vote with their wallets. Yet again, the disgraceful assumption that following a big club somehow means you have more money is being shamefully exploited by a wretched regime with no love for Scottish football or its paying punter.’

I’m not really sure what to make of this statement to be honest. On one hand I completely agree with the assertation that the price increase is ridiculous. Once again football fans are being asked to stump up even more money to watch a product that was grossly overpriced in the first place. This is without any doubt, wrong.

However I would point out that the increase applies to Hearts supporters also – it’s not a case of our club trying to take advantage of the Old Firm’s ‘fantastic’ (a very questionable adjective!) travelling support. How can it be? They are only allocated around 2,000 tickets, which is roughly the same as the likes of Aberdeen receive for Tynecastle these days and less than Hibs. Hearts could easily sell those spaces to their own support and indeed, I really hope that this is what ends up happening. The prospect of us not having to put up with 90 minutes of listening to their incessant religious bigotry and the rest of it is actually a very appealing one.

The Rangers Supporters’ Trust should also consider all the relevant facts before they make statements like this, too. Given the fact that their club charged Celtic’s fans £32 for a ticket for Ibrox last season, how does this make Hearts any different for charging Rangers fans the same (or £33 I think it is) this year? Surely a case of pots and kettles? Or is it simply that you’re not allowed to dish out the same treatment to Rangers than they do to everyone else?

So while I agree with the overall sentiment being shown here, they really should be more careful with the way they word things in future.


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  • So they don’t come to Tynecastle. Boo hoo. I bet everyone is really upset about that – maybe the insurance premiums of the businesses on Gorgie Road / Dalry Road will go down as a result.

    I have an idea – why not charge £100 for Rangers supporters, that way we won’t have to put up with hardly any of them.

  • Correct. This has been the case for several seasons now. They’re called “Category A” matches, and we’re not the only club to do this.

  • These sort of prices are ridiculous. Paid less to go and watch Liverpool a few seasons ago, wasn’t a Category A” match but was still a hell of a lot better than the *****e that is served up in the Premier League.

  • The prices ARE a joke – there’s no question about that. Not convinced it’s just the Category A games that have gone up though – need to check that as my season-ticket went up by quite a lot. However my main point is that although the Rangers people are right to be annoyed, they can’t point the finger at Hearts for being the instigators – their club has historically always charged more for away fans than any other.

  • The thing is, Hearts have every right to charge whatever they like for people to get into the ground. And it’s not as though they’re charging different prices for away tickets to home fans… they’re exactly the same. Bearing in mind that the old stand is intended to be demolished around January time, this will cut the capacity of Tynie down to about 12K-13K, and they have to make their money back somehow. For all kinds of reasons, I don’t have a problem with this.

  • Especially as the demand for tickets is still head-scratchingly high. They’re as well to cash in on it while they can. I still think that the walk-up prices are too high though (and have been for years), but when you work out what you pay per match based on your season-ticket price, it’s actually not all that bad by comparison. And I suppose that’s the way it should be – fans should be rewarded for committing their money up front, otherwise there is little incentive to buy a season ticket.

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