Date: 6th February 2006 at 9:42pm
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It’s always been a raging pub debate: Who does a Hearts fan support when Hibs play one of the Old Firm?

I suppose it really depends on the situation in that if a result either way affects Hearts, then we’re all going to want the result to benefit our club no matter what. But what about when it doesn’t really matter to us one way or the other? Who would you rather won?

For me, unless it means Hibs win a trophy and put our noses out of joint, it has to be a Hibs win every time, or more to the point, an Old Firm defeat every time. I’d go as far as to say that, in the event of Hearts ever being league champions and Hibs being in the Scottish Cup Final against one of the Old Firm in the same season, I’d probably want Hibs to win that just to really **** off the Old Firm and the West of Scotland press! You see, we’d still hold the upper hand on the Hibbies because we’d be the Champions, so a cup win would be insignificant!

I am sick of the Old Firm. Have been for years. Their very existence is steeped in religious bigotry. If they didn’t represent things that are bad about society they probably wouldn’t even exist. They regularly sign players from other clubs in Scotland, then complain about the lack of competition here. They both want to play in the English league, yet they expect us to support them in Europe, claiming we’re not patriotic if we don’t. What?! For goodness sake, it seems that Celtic’s fans would rather be Irish than Scottish and Rangers would rather be English…..and their teams have around three Scots between them in it! What’s there to get patriotic about there?

Then there’s the Glasgow press, who are almost as arrogant as their two favourite clubs. In fact no, ‘arrogant’ is not the word, ‘patronising’ is. When Hibs went one up on Saturday they announced on the radio that it was an ‘astonishing scoreline’. Eh? Astonishing that a team who have been above Rangers in the league for almost the whole season and have won both of their previous meetings are a goal up? Do us a favour. If they win in the league there next week they get to keep Rangers don’t they? The bottom line is that the press have gone from describing the Edinburgh clubs’ good form as “a breath of fresh air” to being genuinely annoyed about their “audacity” to challenge the norm in this country. I could go on and on about selective reporting, media witchhunts, etc but I won’t.

So while I’ll be cheering on any team that plays Hibs in the next round of the cup, long may results like Saturday’s at Ibrox continue.


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  • Hi, lincoln vitals member here, lets hope they join the man utd’s etc and begger off to a european league and leave the rest of us to get on with real football again.
    good article.

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