Date: 23rd May 2008 at 10:48pm
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Motherwell have refused Hearts permission to speak to their manager Mark McGhee after receiving an official approach from Tynecastle.

Rumours have been doing the rounds for months linking McGhee with Tynecastle, but it wasn’t until this week that Hearts publicly announced their interest in the former Scotland striker, even though it’s believed that at least one meeting has taken place between McGhee and representatives of Hearts.

However Motherwell are obviously keen to hold onto the man who has helped guide them into European football next season, and they released the following statement today:

‘Motherwell Football Club can today confirm that it has received an official approach from Heart of Midlothian Football Club, seeking permission to speak with current manager Mark McGhee about the vacant managerial role at Tynecastle. After consideration, the Motherwell FC board of directors have decided to refuse this request.’

We’ve seen this sort of thing happening many times before though, and those in the media close to what’s going on (e.g. Talk107) are still of the opinion that McGhee will end up as Hearts’ new manager. Whether or not it ends up with McGhee having to resign his position at Motherwell though, only time will tell.

An eventful few days ahead would appear likely…


3 Replies to “‘Well Refuse Hearts Request To Speak To McGhee”

  • I’m not clear on what is or isn’t proper procedure in these circumstances. If he has already met Romanov, has McGhee (or Hearts) already broken the rules ? Or are you allowed to actually meet so long as you don’t actually offer the guy a job ? It’s being reported that McGhee applied for the Hamburg job (which Martin Jol got) recently. That tells its own story – namely that he definitely is looking for a higher profile (and higher paid) job, and is unlekly to remain at Motherwell. As you say, these things happen, but often the chasing club still get their man. So, now we know Hearts offically want McGhee (whcih i was sceptical about) – so that is good sign. The next essential step is to make sure that the scope of influence and activity which he will have at Tynecastle gets put down in writing with no possible chance of ambiguity. Looks like Campbell Ogilvie’s influence so far is working – but what are the chances of Romanov actually conceding full autonomy on the football side of things up front in a contract ? Ah hae ma doots ….

  • I agree, the way this is written in the press is that this is merely the opening gambit – a way of signalling to Hearts that if they want McGhee they’re going to have to pay some compensation. Personally, I think he’s taken Motherwell as far as they can go – from perpetual relegation fodder to a UEFA cup spot in one season is about it. And he clearly wants to manage a bigger club. Whether that’s Hearts or not, that is the question. But it looks like positive signs on the face of it, because at least it proves we are actively looking. I don’t believe after all this time and silence that they would go public unless they were pretty confident of getting their man. The rest is just detail… compensation and contract wording. Hopeful.

  • He’s set to go on holiday next week I believe, so I reckon it will be 2-3 weeks, but he’ll be Hearts manager. There’s nothing to stop him simply resigning from Motherwell.

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