Date: 16th January 2009 at 2:25pm
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Hearts manager Csaba Laszlo would appear to have lost patience with perennially injured striker Mike Tullberg.

The Dane joined the club a few months ago on loan from Italian side Reggina, but has only started a single match due to injury. Whether or not this is something that the lad can help is open to debate – generally you would just have to put something like this down to hard luck, but Csaba’s comments would seem to suggest that he perhaps thinks that there’s more to it than this. He said:

‘Mike is a special case – but it’s not funny any more. Every day, we speak with the doctors treating Mike in Denmark and they don’t know when he will be back with us. I would like to have him in the team because he is a good player but he has only played one game and he is always injured.

‘We brought him here to play football but he was injured when he arrived then he got fit and played about one game and then he got injured. I don’t know too much about what happens with the contracts but it may be that we have to end his loan deal because this is getting very frustrating.’

Is he insinuating that the guy doesn’t care and is effectively just another Mauricio Pinilla? Perhaps, but he is correct in that it is very frustrating, especially when this guy’s position is the very one that we’re
been struggling so much in this season. I would tend to agree with the manager though – it’s probably not a bad idea just to cut his contract short., as we’ve had far too many players of his sort over the past few years and can’t really afford any more.


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  • In my opinion the manager is 100% right on this one. Whether Tullberg is genuinely injured, a chancer or something in between it is the good of the club that should always comes first – so it?s time to end the deal. Different story if he had actually played some good football (like Aguiar for example) but this is just ridiculous. Perhaps Reggina knew something we didn?t know?.

  • The strange thing is why the Danish doctors aren’t being helpful in treating/rehabilitating him to a schedule. Sounds like it was a mistake to let him go home to be treated. If they can’t guarantee that he’ll be fit in 4 weeks, we should terminate.

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