Date: 13th May 2008 at 10:24pm
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If ever there was a result to sum up Hearts’ miserable season it most surely would be tonight’s 1-0 reverse to Gretna at Fir Park.

This has been a season that has seen apathy setting in amongst the Hearts support on an arguably unprecedented level.

Those of us who have clung onto any little positives that we can take from little bits of news or the occasional semi-encouraging result here and there have ultimately had to admit defeat in the end.

Let’s face it folks, it’s been a goddam awful season and we know it – there’s just no getting away from that. And the future does not look particular bright at the present moment either….and I’m quite sure we are all well aware of that as well!

There really isn’t an awful lot more that can be said at the minute really. Perhaps just that I’m absolutely delighted that the season is over and we can finally see the back of it.

I can’t pretend that the prospect of yet more embarrassment next term doesn’t completely fill me with dread (especially as I was stupid enough to renew my season ticket!), but let’s just take one step at a time….and have a bloody good summer!

Roll on the Euro Championships…..


10 Replies to “Gretna Beat Hearts – Terrific”

  • Not entirely unexpected, was it, given the rock-bottom state of our playing squad right now ? A pub quiz question of the future – “Which club won their final ever SPL match before going bust and who did they beat ?” Did you see the pics from the Player of he Year bash on Sunday night ? Quite disturbing to see all those smiling faces, some with AWARDS (!!!), in the current shambles.

  • Ironic that it was the guy (Gavin Skelton) who missed the penalty that won us the Scottish Cup two years ago that scored the winner tonight, in possibly Gretna FC’s last ever game. Well, a miserable season is finally over with… for most of us it’s been over since December. Let’s just hope for better next year lads.

  • I admire the fact that although it looks like we can’t do any better we end up raising the bar. Oh well at least the season is over and to be honest I don’t begrudge Gretna the win.

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