Date: 18th May 2008 at 10:29am
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There’s been talk of Motherwell manager Mark McGhee possibly moving to Tynecastle for some time now, but over the last few days it seems that everyone and their dog who claims to have ‘reliable sources’ has heard that recent contact has been made between Hearts and the former Aberdeen and Celtic striker.

Whether or not this contact has resulted in McGhee agreeing to be the next manager (or coach or puppet or whatever they have in mind!) of Hearts though, is the bit that no-one seems to be able to answer.

As has been the case pretty much since Vladimir Romanov took control of our club, the fans are continually having to guess about what might happen in the future. The lack of trust in the owner and his style of management dictates that the support, who are now as apathetic as I can ever remember towards their club, are having to resort to merely hoping that things will get better rather than expecting them to, which is a pretty desperate state of affairs, especially when many of us are actually doubting the club’s very existence in the long-term.

As we’ve all acknowledged, the appointment of a genuine ‘football man’ into the manager’s office, with the promise of full autonomy over team affairs, is of paramount importance – without this Hearts may as well forget ever again being a force in the Scottish game.

A couple of years ago Mark McGhee may not have been top of many Hearts fans’ wishlists to be their new manager, but these days anyone who appears to have some savvy within the game getting to within a whisker of Tynecastle would be good news in our eyes.

McGhee definitely falls into that category and although his overall record isn’t the most impressive you’ll have ever seen, he does have many qualities that our club is badly lacking at the moment. He appears to be a respected leader, is excellent at handing the media and based on the evidence I’ve seen of his Motherwell sides this season, appears to be tactically astute. I also wouldn’t expect him to put up with the nonsense that Stevie Frail has this season from his bosses, so if he was to be appointed then perhaps that would be a positive sign that things were eventually about to change at Hearts with regards to the style of management being employed.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this rumour has genuine substance to it….


15 Replies to “McGhee To Hearts Rumour Gathering Momentum”

  • Have you been browsing through JKB again ? I saw the even more ridiculous one about Elvis coming in as McGhee’s assistant !! Then there was the one about a former Hearts asistant manager and a former Hearts player having applied. As you say, the regime are so secretive that there is almost no chance that any of these rumours have originated from someone with inside knowledge. If the unthinkable was to happen however – i.e. a proper manager that we’ve actually heard of got appointed – it would indicate that Vlad had developed a mental illness, rather than him having made a major policy change for the better. 6 weeks to go till the players come back – 42 days to find a a manager. Hey – isn’t 42 the answer to the ultimate question ? ******y !!

  • Maybe, he’s certainly got connections there, but the Aberdeen board don’t seem to have the savvy to realise that Calderwood’s a clown, so I think you’re stuck him I’m afraid!

  • Until a new manager is announced by the club, with a press conference and him holding a Hearts scarf aloft against the backdrop of an empty Tynecastle, I’m believing nothing.

  • Aye MrH but I think that due to the connections he’d only leave Motherwell for the Dons, therefore meaning not Hearts!

  • I think we’re directionless, rudderless and lacking any coherency until that happens to be honest. We’re not in the **** until the receivers come knocking on the door IMO…

  • McGhee is a Celtic man – and that’s just one reason why Vladimir would not have him. Not that I believe for a minute that Valdimir is actually looking for a manager within these shores, mind you … or even within any shores, for that matter.

  • SJ – thats the spirit, old chap !! Reminiscent of that scene in Monty Python & the Holy Grail – “Its just a flesh wound” was the comment as his legs and arms were chopped off !!

  • I originally wasn’t bothered by the prospect of McGhee and to some extent I think we should be looking for a genuinely exciting and “thinking outside the box” prospect. However, having said that I am now getting excited if this is true and if an announcement is made very soon then it brightens up what was promising to be a very lacklustre couple of months. But as always it’s less about the man and more about what he can and cannot do – all authority over team afairs etc and what’s not to like, a level of interferance and the merry-go-round starts again!

  • It does, but you must admit it’s difficult to see someone like McGhee even considering Hearts without getting the reassurances you’re referring to. I think if we get him it’s good news.

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