Date: 3rd June 2007 at 7:55pm
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Hearts’ much-criticised winger Saulius Mikoliunas scored the only goal of Lithuania’s Euro 2008 qualifier against Georgia yesterday.

‘Miko’ as we all know can be an infuriating little nyaff at times, especially when it doesn’t look as though he’s giving it everything that he has for the Hearts cause.

But for me there is no doubt that the boy has talent. When he first signed for us a couple of seasons ago, he was an absolute revelation and went past defenders with the sort of pace and skill that we perhaps hadn’t seen from a Hearts winger since John Colquhoun.

Sadly since then, a combination of various things have seen his performance and confidence levels dipping. It hasn’t helped that the fans never seem to give him much of a break, but I do feel that Miko’s not exactly been helped out by his management team much, either. If he’d been rested when he should have been i.e. when his form first started to go off the rails, then he may well have been able to rediscover his good form much quicker. Instead, he’s been effectively hung out to dry in front of a frustrated public for a whole season’s worth of games and as a result, has become one of the first players that the fans turn on.

I’m still hoping that the Miko we saw a couple of years ago can come back and scoring important goals like the one yesterday and the winner against Hibs at New Year can only help his cause. I hope he makes it.


10 Replies to “‘Miko’ Scores In Europe!”

  • He needs a serious attitude overhaul, but yes I agree he does have talent for the coaches to work with. Who are the coaches though?!

  • I have a lot of sympathy for Miko’s plight to be honest. Whether people choose to admit it or not, we all KNOW there is a decent player in there. Some days in a Hearts jersey you wouldn’t have a clue where to find it, but it’s there nonetheless – because we’ve all seen it. When he first arrived at the club, and in flashes thereafter. I think it’s the fact that we only ever see it in flashes nowadays that he’s the most frustrating player to watch. You know he can be brilliant – he’s just not, most of the time. And in trying to be, he invariably loses the ball and puts us on the back foot. Robbo said of him that there was a great player just waiting to be unlocked, sadly no coach has managed that consistently to date.

  • Is that another intellectual Shellik man over here is it? One of the better points I’ve seen right enough……..

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