Date: 14th December 2008 at 1:51pm
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It’s a pity that this morning’s press are in the main preferring to view Hearts’ fine performance at Parkhead yesterday as another opportunity for spelling out the impending gloom that they’re predicting for our club in January and beyond.

Instead of focussing on the fact that Hearts are now unbeaten in their last six matches, a run that has included matches against both halves of the Old Firm, they are instead telling us how sad it is that with each passing victory or good performance from Hearts, we will soon be longing for those days after the decimation of the first team squad begins in January.

Now, perhaps they know something for sure that everyone else doesn’t, and we will in fact be looking at the spine of our team being once again taken away from us at a time when things are looking promising, but I really do not think that these hacks know a great deal more than anyone else does. As far as I can see it’s just guess work at the moment, so why do they have to paint such a negative picture before it even starts?

As Hearts supporters we’re very much used to being kicked in the teeth just when things are starting to look upwards, so if this does happen again in January I reckon we’ll take it on the chin and get on with it. Yes we were outraged at the whole George Burley situation and the subsequent series of nonsensical decisions made ever since then, but I think in the main the Hearts support are now almost immune to future disappointments as a result of the way the club has been run under the Romanovs, as at the back of our minds it’s like we’re almost expecting it to happen anyway.

Therefore the best thing that we can do is just make the most of any positives that happen at the time and enjoy them. Football is a very short-term game anyway in terms of the way that people measure success – there aren’t many fans who are overly forward-thinking, and I’d also put many of those are paid to report on the sport into the same category in all honesty.

So come on, guys – give us a break – at least until what you’re all ensuring us is the ‘inevitable’ actually happens. Let’s start with some hype-inducing previews of what is set to be a mouth-watering clash at Tynecastle against Dundee United next Saturday….


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  • A timely and good article MrH. I think there are two reasons for this, and they’re both the same as they always were. One, we are challenging the Old Firm – perhaps not on points (yet) but we’ve certainly exposed their frailties in the past couple of games (and had the good sense / fortune to beat the so-called “lesser” clubs on the way). So we are potentially a threat again. Romanov hasn’t done anything outrageous lately, so they focus on the financial aspect. Secondly, the spine of a promising side has been dismantled at least twice before in my lifetime – once in 1998 and again in 2006. Once for financial reasons, and the other… well. So it’s only natural for those scared for the future of the Old Firm dominance to focus on this. The fact is, we don’t care. Whatever will happen will happen – the important thing is that the club goes on. If we get players to replace those we’ve lost, then great. Otherwise, we have some good young players coming through so we’ll make do with that. It’s all water off a duck’s back now to be honest.

  • to be honest mrh i think its down to the fact that in scotland we tend to focus on negatives rather than positives although you do have a point about the media they are going on about hearts financial situation more than rangers also david murray has made a mess of rangers yet he does not get as hard a time as romanov

  • Very well articulated, Mr H (and the other comments too). We simply can’t win with the Press in Scotland. If the “firesale” doesn’t happen in January, they’ll just continue to have a field day about us overspending, and how Romanov is deluded to think anyone is remotely interested in buying our so-called stars – that will be the same players dubbed “stars” by the Press over the last few weeks. As SJ correctly states, we’ve got real reasons now to ignore what the Press write, because Csaba has given us back some pride and has shown that he can move the club forward – whether its with current players, or new signings, or Academy boys. With each passing week, I’m getting more and more excited by the achievements of the U-19s. And each week brings closer the day when the best of these lads will get their place in the 1st team squad. So even if/when Kingston, Aguiar and others move on, the fans will soon see a glimpse of a better and more sustainable future.

  • Good comments, lads. SJ I think your sentence “the important thing is that the club goes on” is the crux of the whole thing – we know that the guys in charge of Hearts have the potential to really screw is, so short of that happening we’re pretty much going to accept anything not quite so bad. Not necessarily a good thing but that’s just the way it is. As for the point on David Murray, it is a fair point to say that the press have been giving him an easier time than VR (they always do with Murray), but I suppose at least he does have a good few years of success behind him that VR doesn’t in this country.

  • He certainly looks to be, wishaw bhoy. When he arrived, he could talk the talk. Everyone was keen to see if he could walk the walk. In the past few months he’s barely put a foot wrong as far as I can see. Everything that we were crying out for with a manager, he has either done or is clearly in the process of doing. As Specs Haver says, we now have a bit of pride back. At the start of the season, just about any player we had was expendable & wouldn’t be missed. To some extent, that is still the case, but those players have come on so well in the past few months under Csaba that it would probably be premature to sell if we don’t have to – especially given that most of the players are still quite young and haven’t nearly reached their peak yet. Whichever, Csaba is by far the best signing Vlad has made in three years… he said in yesterday’s Scotsman that he wants to stay at Hearts for *life*, so that would be absolutely fine by me! “The players… they come and go.”

  • Well with the entire team being linked with Rangers or Celtic now surely we should end up seeing some of these players getting the praise they deserve is a few weeks. Worth noting that most papers are linking Berra to a moved down South for 3 million but the Sun is reporting both Driver and Berra to Rangers for 4 million at the most…

  • Don’t know where the dubiety comes from regarding the financial turmoil Rangers find themselves embroiled in ,, it,s all there in black and white ,, Murray has stated that if a new owner is not found soon the club as a whole will be required to downsize by 25% ,, he is currently holding out for a friendly buyer who will give certain guarantees on the future development of the club ,, should that friendly buyer not emerge shortly he has two options ,, (1) downsize accordingly .. or ( 2 ) sell to the highest bidder regardless of identity with no guarantees whatsoever …….

  • Clearly the negative reporting follows Romanov. After all doesn’t Romanov feed off the blood of poor people and laugh as he slaughters them? Or has the Daily Record confused him with Dracula?

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