Date: 22nd May 2008 at 1:16pm
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Hearts’ much-criticised striker Calum Elliot has told the club that he wants to leave in the summer.

Elliot, 21, has probably been the one player to have suffered the most for Hearts’ desperately disappointing season, and at times has taken a barrage of abuse for a series of inept displays.

As ever, I lay the blame for much of Elliot’s treatment firmly at the door of the management team. He was a player who did appear to have some talent when he first broke into the side three years ago, but has simply not been in the right environment for a young player to successfully develop. It’s my view that the strikers at Hearts have suffered more than anyone else, as it’s only been in the last six months that you could honestly say that we’ve seen anything resembling a conventionally picked side which has the same striker or strikers playing every week. But even then, the vast majority of the time it’s been one man on their own up front, no matter the opposition, and when you’re a player like Elliot, who to be honest it’s doubtful if he truly is a striker anway, it’s really not doing him any favours whatsoever.

Having said all that though, the player hasn’t exactly helped himself either at times. His attitude has appeared to be all wrong and too often he’s looked disinterested when all the fans were looking for was at least some effort. As we all know this is not the best way to endear yourself to football fans, especially if you’re not doing the business in front of goal as a striker.

Would Elliot have ever been good enough for Hearts with proper guidance? I’m really not sure – I was never his biggest fan, but like I said above I do think he had good potential at one stage. Perhaps though, that potential was to be a decent player at the likes of Motherwell or Kilmarnock, not a Hearts side who has aspirations of playing European football every year. We’ll probably never know now though…..