Date: 24th November 2008 at 9:30pm
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The news that Dougie McDonald is set to referee this weekend’s Hearts-Rangers match is likely to make any Hearts fans who haven’t bought their tickets yet seriously consider whether or not they should even bother!

As if a match against Rangers doesn’t normally bring about its fair share of ludicrous refereeing bias in favour of our opponents, especially when they’re in dire need of victory as they will be on Saturday, it’s almost the ultimate insult from the SFA giving McDonald the whistle isn’t it? What is our record with him in charge again? Something like three or four wins from 25-30 matches? It’s not very clever anyway.

Of course, like every other Hearts fan experienced in watching his team suffering at the hands of this power-crazy Hibbie (interesting phrase that!), I’m merely just another paranoid Jambo who is simply looking for things not going in favour of my team.

McDonald is in fact just as honest as every other referee in this land is and aways has been, no matter which two teams are on the field of play. Rudi Skacel going round Alan Main in the 2006 Cup Final? Definite Rudi dive and deserved booking. The Hartley red card in the same game? Definitely ordering off and completely deserved that his opponent should stay on the park for the same offence. Just two examples that prove that there is no conspiracy.

I therefore fully expect that Saturday’s match will be refereed with all of the honesty and integrity that one should expect from such a valued member of the SFA, an establishment that no-one, I repeat no-one, can possibly have any qualms over when it comes to corruption.


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