Date: 27th February 2007 at 7:59am
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No, Austin McCann is not about to return to Tynecastle, the subject title relates to the favourite to replace Valdas Ivanauskas if he does indeed
move upstairs, Kestutis Latoza.

What? You mean you’ve never heard of him? That genuine giant of European Football? Well perhaps if I read out some of his former employers it will help to refresh everyone’s memory. As well as being in charge of the Lithuanian National Team, Latoza has also been the manager of FC Vilnius and Zalgiris Vilnius and if you’re still not impressed, he also had a spell with Faroe Isles side FS Vagar.

So there you have it. A man who has clearly proven himself among Europe’s elite could be about to manage our great team(!). Anyone who dismisses this potential appointment as yet another mate of Romanov’s who’ll make about as much sense to the players as………….er…..the last mate of Romanov’s to manage the team, is surely talking nonsense. Surely………..!


6 Replies to “International Man Of Mystery”

  • Some optimism MrH! Although the man is from Lithuania, it doesn’t necessarily mean he is bad… Does it?
    On the other hand, he has very close ties to Romanov, infact he is his good friend… so perhaps that explains quite alot.

  • No I don’t care what his nationality is to be honest, even though many have now taken an anti-Lithuanian stance. It’s the “jobs for the boys” policy that I don’t like and this would appear to be another example of this.

  • I’m afraid I’m finding it hard to be optimistic about this too. I know it shouldn’t matter where the guy comes from, but we do appear to be losing our identity a bit here.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I am not happy if Latoza becomes the manager. I would actually be dissapointed, because if you think that Valdas is bad, this guy is worse. Anyway I did some research and found out that his sister is married to Vlad’s cousin… I also found out that he has been pretty much a failure anywhere he’s been. But, as quite a few said in another thread, I suppose we just shouldn’t bother to care, because to say the truth, it doesn’t matter.

  • That’s some good research AirHearts. If we add that to VR’s son being the chairman and his niece also being on the board, it’s almost one big happy family eh?!

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