Date: 19th November 2008 at 12:41pm
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Hearts manager Csaba Laszlo has pencilled in the home match against Rangers on November 29 for injured striker Mike Tullberg’s return to first team action.

The Dane only managed two appearances in the Hearts first team after signing on loan from Italian side Reggina, before becoming the latest player to hit the sidelines through injury, and although
it’s early days many fans had started comparing him with serial-treatment table occupants Mirsad Beslija and Mauricio Pinilla, both of whom have taken the club for the proverbial ride in recent seasons.

However Tullerg ‘s thigh injury is gradually recovering, and Csaba seems confident that he can come back into the side for the Rangers game, possibly to form a two-pronged attack in that game alongside Christian Nade.

Csaba said:

‘If Tullberg is back then this gives us a bit extra and more options for us.

‘We have not seen him together with Christian Nade, because they have not been both fit at the same time.

‘However, this is something we will consider.

‘I hope Mike can come back and make the same impact as Bruno (Aguiar). If he does then he would bring a fresh impetus up front.’

I hope so too…..


7 Replies to “Tullberg To Return For Hearts Against Gers”

  • This is good news, but I’m unconvinced about the Nade / Tullberg pairing. Obviously, we haven’t seen much of Tullberg in a maroon jersey, but from his previous clubs and his goalscoring stats he seems very much a holding forward. In other words, exactly like Nade. We need a penalty box striker.

  • I’m finding it hard to get excited about this but hope he does do well. If he doesn’t perform I hope he we don’t sign him up just to sell him on again. Basically if he is pap I want him papped oot of the club. (Its been a while since we had some old fashioned words used here… Or at least it has been a couple of weeks since the use of “use” incorrectly)

  • I’m not convinced we’re going to see a traditional 4-4-2 anytime soon as I don’t think we have the appropriate personnel. The U19s seem to play 1 up front too so does this mean it’s actually the club’s preferred formation I wonder?

  • Hmmm… its basically conjecture at the moment, since we’ve seen so little of Tullberg… and only a bit more of Nade since he started taking himself seriously. Interesting comment above from Itsnomarooned about the U-19s going down the 1 striker route too. Maybe we should do a separate article on this formation stuff to get everyone’s views – I’m not convinced its necessarily a bad thing to only have “1 striker”.

  • The difference in what I’ve observed in the U19s (it does seem I’m on a mission to bang their drum at the moment!) is that we have a striker who holds the ball up well and is supported very quickly by team mates from the midfield. In an ideal world I suppose that a set formation could be redundant with the team fluid enough to adopt the formation to suit the game or even a particular portion of the game. We’re light years away from that!

  • That’s the difference isn’t it? We don’t seem to have a midfield who can be as dynamic in support of the striker as we did with the team of Hartley/Skacel or Fulton/Cameron. Is it simply that Stewart/Aguiar need the genuine hardman alongside them that both of the above partnerships had to afford them the luxury of getting forward more?

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